How we Make CBD Oil

How is CBD Oil Made?

The CTA UK recently reported that most UK CBD vendors and members in the UK do not manufacture their own oils.

The Canaxen method is different. We source the finest CBD rich hemp from across Europe, bring it to our UK based laboratory and extract the goodness from the whole plant via CO2 extraction.  This ensures all of our CBD oils have zero contaminants and maintain the healthy flavonoids, terpenes and Omega 3 & 6 from the plant.  

We have never used techniques, such as dissolving CBD crystals and then adding isolates, flavonoids, and terpenoids separately. You can never replicate the goodness from whole plant extraction, which is why our key focus is sourcing CBD rich hemp from across Europe.

Our CBD Oil Making Process

Our process has changed over the years as extraction methods have matured.

Back when our founder started Medivape at the end of 2011, CBD production was completely different as there were very few CBD breeds available, that has now changed with progress.

We began by sourcing a breed of fedora hemp from Germany which we combined with a cold pressed oil from Switzerland with relatively high levels of CBD. Our first CBD products were created via warm extraction, which involved heating the hemp and oils to exact temperatures and timings over a long period of time, which extracted all the beneficial material. Back then we had encouraging results, allowing us to provide CBD oils from the UK. At that time CBD products were only available overseas and were price prohibitive.

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Starting material is vital for a Whole plant Extract. Literally anyone can add crytalised CBD to olive oil and sell it a low price. They can also sell you snake oil and simply call it CBD oil!

CBD Oil Veterans

Our CBD oils delivered positive results and we gained a loyal customer base and community who have grown with us over the years. We cannot discuss how we helped people, as UK law is very clear that to do so would be declared as medical inference, but the self-educated individual will be well aware of the results.

As time moves on so have the breeds we have sourced, growing richer in CBD along with improvements in extraction methods. As techniques improved we started extracting CBD using alcohol extraction, the same method pharmaceutical giants such as GW Pharma used to pull the components of the plant.

The issue with this method is that regardless of how we progressed there was that a small amount of contaminants left behind during alcohol extraction, not to mention the danger of using 99.9% alcohol.

Our CBD Goal

It is our ultimate goal to achieve perfection in the CBD industry, we have made great strides in this area over the years.  Third party laboratory testing is one of those constituent parts but the key element is mastering the art of CO2 extraction. 

CO2 extraction is the vanguard of the CBD industry, the very method used to remove caffeine from coffee beans can also be used to pull the components from this wonderful plant - leaves zero contaminants and uses a molecule that plants use to photosynthesise sunlight into energy.  

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The Vanguard in Extraction

This element becomes a super-fluid at certain temperatures and pressures pulling off all of the goodness from the hemp plant while leaving the now non-beneficial plant material behind. CO2 as well as providing energy for the plant it is now extracting the goodness.

Some CBD vendors now use CO2 extraction, though this key process is often outsourced due to the costs and skills required to achieve this in-house.  The key to ensuring our CBD products are always of the highest quality it to maintain full quality control. We never use crystals and isolates, never import CBD oils for resale and have invested in our own laboratory and CO2 extractor.  Our key focus is sourcing the finest CBD rich hemp from across Europe. Once we get the hemp to our laboratory, our experts get to work.


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