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We have never used techniques such as dissolving CBD crystals and then adding isolates, which has now become a novel food stuff and as such unlawful. Our flavonoids and terpenes are from the plant we use and are not added afterwards separately, to try and replicate the benefits of the whole plant. You can never replicate the goodness from whole plant extraction, which is why our key focus is sourcing the finest CBD rich hemp from across Europe.

At the CanaXen Lab we make our very own oils.. 


Making Good CBD Oil's is an Art

Many UK CBD vendors are re-sellers of products already manufactured before arrival and regularly from abroad. This is called CBD white labelling and while there is nothing wrong with this method the Canaxen way is different.  We source the finest CBD rich hemp from across Europe, bring it to our UK based lab, then extract the goodness from the whole plant via CO2 extraction.  This ensures all our CBD oils have zero contaminants and maintain the healthy flavonoids, terpenes and Omega 3 & 6 from this amazing plant.  


Specially Designed Laboratory

Two years ago we set to work designing and building our very own specialised laboratory specifically for Hemp CBD Oil production. Our whole team had a huge part in the design, concept and the construction of our facility and we are very proud of what we have accomplished. 

Our UK based lab means we can effectively bring high CBD hemp in through one door and very quickly, safely and hygienically transform it into our incredible hemp extracts, CBD Oils and our vape-able CBD e-liquids.

Using state of the art Super-critical CO2 extraction we are able to pull all of the amazing parts of the hemp plant direct into our oils!

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