Why CanaXen?

CanaXen’s History stretches back to late 2011  

Back then there were no CBD vendors at all in the UK. Just a little website offering CBD vapes, oils and tinctures called Medivape started by our Founding Partner.

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why canaxen

CanaXen have a wealth of expertise in manufacturing CBD.

We have mastered the art of CO2 Extraction within our own UK based lab.  The CTA UK recently reported that 90% of CBD vendors and members in the UK do not make their own oils and simply import in bulk from overseas.   The Canaxen method is different.

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CanaXen’s core focus is to maintain full quality control.

Our quality control  covers all aspects of our CBD oil production.  We produce some of the finest CBD products in the world within our own UK based laboratory.  Every aspect from sourcing the finest organic hemp, through to CO2  extraction, 3rd party lab testing and our ongoing customer support, is fine tuned to provide our customers with peace of mind

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We monitor our pricing closely

 Our pricing is very competitive when comparing like for like products.  There is so much confusion with the vast number of CBD products on the market, that we have created a guide to help you make the right decision.

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CanaXen provide the utmost in customer service.

Not only do we provide fast and free delivery on all our products, but you can also message or call us directly with any questions.  Please note, that due to legislation we cannot offer any medical advice, though we will happily discuss the differences between our products to help you choose the one that works for you.  (Get in touch) – Link to contact page

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CanaXen have a strong customer community.

 Over 75% of our business comes from repeat customers You can check out our reviews and join our Facebook community to speak with our existing customers and other CBD users.

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