How much CBD is in Hemp

How much CBD is in Hemp?


Cannabis flowers, seeds, buds, and roots have all been used in powder-form, oil, paste, drinks and edibles to treat various ailments for thousands of years. However, ancient and medieval experts also warned against using too much cannabis, since they believed it could cause hallucinations.


Science has come along way since 2737BC (or thereabouts). Researchers have looked at the make-up of cannabis, studied and seen there are different strains, with different properties.


Most people are aware that cannabis is a controlled and heavily regulated substance, and there is no getting away from the fact that it is the most widely used illegal drug in the UK. However, there are around 80 different natural cannabinoids that can be harvested from the cannabis plant that do not have the same side effects. CBD is one of them.


So how much CBD is found in the plants we harvest?


Historically there is much less CBD than THC in most strains of the cannabis plant. Since it is mainly used for recreational purposes, people are usually looking to increase the THC element, rather than the CBD content, as this gets you “high”. Subsequently, growers tend to breed cannabis to contain high levels of THC.


The average THC level of a cannabis plant is between 12% to 30%, with the average CBD content around 1% to 4%. With 4% and above being considered a rich CBD strain.

At Canaxen we have sourced 100% organic, pesticide free, CBD strains from across Europe. With our Canaxen Bronze CBD Oil containing 5%, Silver 10% and Gold16% CBD.  

As all our products contain zero THC and are created from whole plant extraction, to ensure they are packed full of healthy Terpenes and Flavonoids to enhance the entourage effect.

We have achieved this through six years of meticulous and ongoing research and development. Every batch is tested by an independent laboratory to ensure each batch contains the amount of CBD advertised.

The demand for higher levels of CBD content is drastically increasing and is causing breeders to really push for richer CBD strains.

Canaxen are striving for perfection and source quality hemp from across Europe.  We are here to answer any of your questions about the Canaxen range. For customer service do get in touch with our team.  Contact us



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