Four Exciting New CBD Products

Four Exciting New CBD Products

From jelly beans to burgers, we found four new and exciting CBD products launching soon or already on sale.

4 exciting new cbd creations
CBD FRENZY – From CBD Jelly Belly Beans to CBD infused beef burgers. Whatever next?

New CBD Products

We often have a chuckle at the 100’s of different CBD products on offer. Essentially though it’s great that the industry is booming.

We had a look around and found some rather interesting CBD concepts. The CBD burger is what really grabbed our attention.

“I was sitting down with our head chef Owen Klein, and we were talking about trends, we looked at ourselves and said, you know what, let’s try.”
Patty Trevino – Senior Vice President Carls Jr. Burgers
It’s likely CBD products are here to stay. In the USA it is already mainstream, it won’t be long before CBD fever hits the UK.
So without further ado, let’s take a look at 4 of the most exciting new CBD products.
cbd burgers jelly belly beans cbd infused products
JELLY BELLIES – From Carl’s Jr. CBD infused burgers to Jelly Belly CBD jelly beans, the wonder molecule continues to find its way into the mainstream. But wouldn’t they be better placed in healthier foods?!

Jelly Belly CBD Products

David Klein the creator of Jelly Belly jelly beans (say that after a few). Decided he would mix pleasure with feeling better.

He came up with a line of CBD infused Jelly Beans. Available in the usual 38 flavours, but a hefty price tag @ £461 for 800!

“Because of high demand, the company is taking wholesale orders between 8,000 and 32,000 pieces. It also won’t process any CBD with a higher content than 0.3%”

Fortune Magazine – Speaking about Spectrum, owners Jelly-Belly

Creator Klein said the world-famous sweets will not contain THC. The company is only looking at CBD-only varieties for now.

You won’t be surprised to know that the new CBD product line has sold out already! Watch this space…

cbd jelly beans from jelly belly
CANNABEANS – The legendary Jelly Bean makers have launched their line of CBD infused beans but they are selling out as soon as they make them!

CBD Products for Pets

One of the most exciting idea’s is CBD products for pets. While no new idea by any stretch of the imagination.

Our products have been helping customers pets for years. With nothing but amazing things to report.

“CBD products for use in animals therefore now require a marketing authorisation before they can be sold or supplied in the UK. There are currently no CBD based products that have been granted a UK veterinary marketing authorisation”

UK Government – Statement on CBD products for pets

Sadly in the UK currently, the MHRA does not allow CBD companies to produce products specifically for pets.

But over sea’s they are catching on rapidly. Anything with a backbone can be helped by cannabinoids it seems.

One way around this is to simply buy a good whole plant extract and reduce the drops accordingly.

cbd products for pets
PETICULARLY EFFECTIVE – No need to buy CBD products for pets simply ensure you find a good whole plant extracted oil and reduce the drops appropriately.

A CBD Burger?!

Yes, it’s true, you are not totally tripping balls. A company in the USA have developed a burger infused with CBD.

With any fad, there is a stage where things go a little too far. Of all the alleged benefits of CBD, bad foods are still bad for you.

“It is something that feels right for the brand, we are all about innovation.”
Patty Klein – Carl’s Jr. Sen. Vice president speaking to CNN Business
According to Patty Klein, the burger is no stunt. They are testing how it goes in the hopes of making it permanently on the menu.
Two slices of cheese, 2 burger layers, a waffle and lots of sauce. Is probably going to offset the goodness of the CBD somewhat.
carls jr cbd burger
CBD BURGER? ANYONE? NO?! – The CBD burger may be going a bit too far but you are eating such a diet anyway it can’t be doing any more harm!

Martha Stewart?!

Although more a US household name. Martha Stewart has become synonymous with healthy living and self-improvement.

After spending some time hanging out with rapper Snoop Dogg. His love of cannabis has clearly rubbed off a little.

 “I’m especially looking forward to our first collaboration together, which will offer sensible CBD products for people’s beloved pets.”

Martha Stewart – Talking to Forbes Magazine

She entered a partnership with Canopy Growth. They are hoping to attract a generation who are perhaps afraid of CBD products.

Other celeb’s who are launching CBD products include Willie Nelson. Whoopie Goldberg, and Snoop himself of course.

LOOPY SNOOPY – Martha Stewart & Snoop Dog found an unlikely friendship. Since then she has launched her very own CBD product lines.

Best UK CBD Products?

With so much choice today the CBD market is riddled with products that do very little if anything for you.

If our 9 years of experience has taught us anything. It is that for noticeable results, you need a whole plant extract CBD Oil.

A whole-plant extracted oil has ALL the goodness from the plant. Most CBD products today are CBD crystals.

Some products may contain no CBD at all. Always stick to trusted CBD oil vendors.

Have a go at your own CBD oil creations here