pro athletes using cbd oil

Pro Athlete’s Turn to CBD Oil

Remember UFC fighter Nate Diaz using a CBD vape during a press conference? Now the worlds pro athletes are flocking to CBD oil too. The CBD Oil Athletes The CBD oil craze continues to sweep the globe. And it's latest high profile superfans seem to be the world of pro athletes. "It helps put our … Continue reading Pro Athlete’s Turn to CBD Oil

ozzy osbourne cbd oil

Ozzy Osbourne Loves his CBD

Just weeks after being rushed into hospital for a severe bout of pneumonia. The Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne now uses CBD for relief and recuperation! Ozzy Re-born. Never a dull moment in the Osbourne household. At least that was how it appeared on their reality TV show years ago. I always wondered how Ozzy … Continue reading Ozzy Osbourne Loves his CBD

cbd oil in the uk

CBD Oil in the UK

As one of the first companies to offer CBD Oil in the UK we thought we would share a little about its history. What different CBD oils really are, what to watch out for & what to expect from your oil. CBD Oil in the UK | Essential Guide CBD oil in the UK is … Continue reading CBD Oil in the UK

alive but illegally due to cannabis oil

Illegally Alive

It is a morally powerful issue hopefully none of us have to face. As an individual or as a parent. Would you rather be legally dead or illegally alive? Alive, Unlawfully This week the BBC reported on a worried mother in Wales. Resorting to illegal measures out of fear she could lose her son if … Continue reading Illegally Alive