Loose Women Cannabis Oil?!

Who wasn’t moved and inspired by Hannah Deacon on Loose Women cannabis oil story this week?!  Hannah Deacon on the  Loose Women cannabis debate, will it ever be legal in the UK?! It was not the first time we had heard her story. Certainly not the first time the Loose Women cannabis debate has raged on! … Continue reading Loose Women Cannabis Oil?!

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Medical Cannabis on Prescription UK? Perhaps not…

Well, I never believed I would actually utter the words, you can now get medical cannabis on prescription in the UK. Yet here we are! Or are we...   Medical Cannabis on prescription? Too good to be true? Maybe. Make no bones about it, medical cannabis on prescription is awesome & MONUMENTAL. Just be aware there … Continue reading Medical Cannabis on Prescription UK? Perhaps not…

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Gwyneth Paltrow and CBD

Gwyneth Paltrow CBD Cocktails... Gwyneth Paltrow and CBD - Bottoms up to Gwyneth Paltrow and her new found love for CBD or cannabidiol and her experimentation's with the cannabis-derived extract! The Oscar-winning actress and lifestyle guru is the latest A-Lister to have discovered the therapeutic benefits of CBD - at Happy Hour no less! The mum of … Continue reading Gwyneth Paltrow and CBD