ukj shocked as cannabis confiscated

Kids Cannabis Seized at Airport…

Just when you start to think the UK is warming to medical cannabis and the people, sometimes children who need it desperately... Cannabis Compassion? Confiscated. Unnecessary and emotional scenes at Southend Airport yesterday as a family saw their daughter's vital cannabis medicine confiscated. After traveling home from Rotterdam, where it is prescribed.  "I'm really gutted. … Continue reading Kids Cannabis Seized at Airport…

eu cbd ban

EU CBD Ban Update

A month ago we reported the EU had declared CBD oil a novel food, effectively making CBD products illegal. We are pleased to say, we finally have some good news to report... EU CBD Ban | Scare Tactics In January the Daily Mail said the EU had ruled CBD novel foods and products would be … Continue reading EU CBD Ban Update

uk first cannabis clinic

UK’s First Cannabis Clinic Opens

Manchester has become the first city in the UK to open a clinic which will prescribe medical cannabis. In November 2018, Sajid Javid announced that medical cannabis can be prescribed to patients where there is a real need for it. Could Cannabis clinics start popping up all over the UK? Quite possibly. UK's 1st Cana … Continue reading UK’s First Cannabis Clinic Opens

uk grows cannabis

Theresa Green & the Fields of Weed

You 'May' think the headline is just a click bait but you would be wrong. The UK grows cannabis. Infact we currently hold the title of 'worlds biggest medical cannabis producer'. AND, would you Adam and Eve it, our very own Prime Minister's husband & drugs minister look set to make an absolute fortune from it … Continue reading Theresa Green & the Fields of Weed

cbd oil benefits

CBD Oil Benefits

For us at CanaXen after 8 years we know the power of the hemp/cannabis plant & what CBD oil benefits. If the hype is real, you could write onto the rear of a stamp the things it doesn't help. But is it just hype or is it the future? CBD Oil Benefits | Where to … Continue reading CBD Oil Benefits

cbd oil skincare

DIY CBD Oil Skin Care

The CBD craze is almost getting silly with CBD gummies, CBD coffee etc. One craze we are really interested in is CBD oil skin care and why it may one day make regular creams and oils a thing of the past.  CBD Oil Skin Care CBD oil skin care is taking the beauty world by … Continue reading DIY CBD Oil Skin Care

what are flavonoids

What are Flavonoids?

There are hundreds of incredible components in hemp & cannabis and we are always banging on about them. For good reason too. Some of the most therapeutic compounds it produces are Flavonoids... What are Flavonoids? There seems to be no end to natures power and the incredible compounds she has created. Which leads us to … Continue reading What are Flavonoids?

cbd oil recipes

CBD Oil Recipes & Creations

There is a serious side to CBD but there is also no harm in having a dash of fun with your oil. Just for you, some amazing CBD oil recipes from CBD Jelly Teds to CBD Snikers bars. Enjoy. NEW RECIPES AT THE BOTTOM! DIY CBD Oil Recipes, just for you It's everywhere, in coffee … Continue reading CBD Oil Recipes & Creations

what is the endocannabinoid system

What is the Endocannabinoid System?

What is the endocannabinoid system? Prepare your eyes because you are about to read the answer about one of the most important questions you can ever ask. The endocannabinoid system - The Basics Of all the New Years resolutions you are considering. Make one of them feeding the endocannabinoid system or 'ECS'. This relatively new biological … Continue reading What is the Endocannabinoid System?

cbd oil companies 2019

CBD Oil Companies 2019

There are now hundreds of CBD oil companies worldwide. It's important to find one you can trust. Discounts are also important, find our list of UK and USA CBD oil companies EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODES below. CBD oil companies in 2019 what's the fuss? If you haven't heard of CBD oil then you have been living under … Continue reading CBD Oil Companies 2019