Buy CBD Oil in the UK

Buy CBD Oil in the UK

Before you decide to buy CBD oil in the UK in 2019 there are many important factors to consider. In-depth guide for CBD users across the world, we also have some discount codes so you can buy CBD but spend cbd uk

Buy CBD Oil in the UK | Essential Guide

Whether you are considering to buy CBD oil or you have already taken the plunge some time ago. There are some very important factors to consider that perhaps you have overlooked or had little to no idea about.

Clearly, CanaXen is a CBD oil company and I'm certain you, our readers and customers (present and future) are thinking about potential bias. It is good to be wary, the market is saturated right now.

"CBD is the best Superfood your not eating, yet..."

- Mind Body green

We were one of the first to make it possible to buy CBD oil in the UK back in 2011. The only other place it was available was the USA.
Our knowledge base and wealth of experience is vast after helping hundreds of customers over the years.

buy cbd uk 2019 lab test
First Lab Test carried out by HPLC

We were also one the first to have CBD products laboratory tested in Nov 2013. Thanks to cannabis activist and all-around superhero Jeff Ditchfield,

We have seen this now global industry grow, flourish and evolve. With this in mind allow us to guide you through the forest.

The point of this piece is to ensure you leave this page fully aware and ready to buy the right oil for your needs, not necessarily our own.

In 2011 it was a crazy thought but the only place to buy CBD oil in the UK, Scotland and Ireland was our founders' website 'Medivape'.

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More will buy CBD in the UK in 2019

In 2018 around 300,000 people buy CBD oil in the UK  every month according to the CTA. This figure increases quite dramatically year on year.

The organisation also said over 1000 people per week will cease using CBD. What could make people cease to buy CBD oil in the UK?

We decided to look into this phenomena after finding it so out of sync with our own experience. Nearly everyone who buys a product from us returns to buy again.

Why is this? Put in very simple terms, the correct CBD oil will be strikingly obvious in its positive effects.

On many occasions, our customers have called us, overwhelmed by the positive impact they see in their lives.

"Many cannabinoids have therapeutic value and CBD is no exception."

- Huffington Post

Best Buy CBD Oil in the UK

Of course, CanaXen is not the only best buy CBD UK 2019.

We are simply part of a very small (15% of UK vendors) group who manufacture their oils right here in the UK.

When you do want the best buy CBD oil in the UK most of what is on offer will be from overseas. Many sellers buy wholesale from places like China and simply re-brand the product.

This is known as 'white labeling'.

The same rules apply to all products. If two products contain 10% CBD then they are the same, surely?

Not in any way, shape or form. Please let us explain why.

buy cbd in the uk comparison
Starting ingredients are vitally important

Buy CBD Oil in the UK | Choose the Best

Let's get to the point, what is it that makes the best CBD oil in the UK? Well, it depends on what you are wanting to achieve from your oil.

There are not many CBD companies with a background as deep or as experienced as ours. For us it has to be a whole plant extract, we liken it to orange juice with "bits in".

A whole plant extract will have a very dark colour from the amount of pure oil in the mix, the waxes, terpenes, flavonoids, plant phenols etc.

buy cbd in the uk fruit
Terpenes give everything smell or odour while Flavonoids give us the tastes of the plant kingdom

Mostly when you buy CBD oil in the UK you will notice it is either clear or lightly darkened. These oils are typically crystalised CBD 'isolate', with no other parts of the plant in a mixer such as olive oil.

Over the years we have tried every different oil on offer from Siberian pine nut to hemp seed oil. For us, every one of those tasted "rather challenging".

We decided on MCT oil back in 2015. MCT oil has zero taste and contains medium chain triglycerides which boost energy levels.

It can also be vaporised safely hence why some customers vape our CBD oil. Please read our essential buy CBD oil UK vape GUIDE if that is what you are considering!

Do you buy CBD Isolate?

If you buy isolate CBD oil in the UK, they can be less effective than an equivalent whole plant extracted oil. Be wary of terminology such as 'full spectrum' which means illegal because it MUST include THC!

Our favourite has to be  'whole plant extract' the term is so commonly used. For us, it relates to our method of extraction and the fact EVERYTHING is in there!!!

First, we treat the MCT oil and high CBD hemp with a modulated heat for over a month in what we call the Goldilocks zone.

The resulting oil is then triple filtered and decarboxylated, the remaining material is treated to safe CO2 extraction. We do this to pull out all of the amazing hempy goodness.

Sure you can buy CBD oil in the UK far cheaper but they are less effective.

buy cbd oil uk in 2019

BEST CBD oil in the UK 2019...

CBD has sadly, yet somewhat inevitably become a bit of a gimmicky buzzword during this year and going into 2019. With companies such as ones seen in TV advertising. A perfectly clear oil, made from 'natural hemp plants'.

When you look to buy CBD oil in the UK, each vendor has their own "amazing" oil to offer. This is mainly because anyone can buy CBD online (isolate crystals) and add it to a mixer.

The real method, takes a lot more time energy, equipment, and manpower!

Buy CBD oil UK Isolate?

Isolate oils may be great for a little boost if you are 21 and fit anyway. If that does not describe you then select yourself a reputable, laboratory tested product.

One that has a lovely golden dark colour and a great hempy taste!

Don't fall in with the gimmicks, don't buy CBD oil unless you trust the company and its products.


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Worrying trend heading into 2019

This latest phase of the industry is starting to concern us. While it is a good thing people want to buy CBD oil in the UK, you must be careful.

Many people will inevitably spend hundreds of pounds getting less benefit from a lot of these 'CBD oils'.

You will also see incredible "too good to be true" prices in 2019.

When you consider what our oils are about and the fact a 10ml bottle of SILVER 10% can last up to 2 months it is actually great value. Mostly, one "gets what they pay for" in the UK!

canaxen buy cbd uk grown

Perhaps go straight for the best CBD oil in the UK in 2019!

So we hope that you feel you know where you are with this rapidly changing and emerging industry. Once you find the best buy CBD oil in the UK, you will notice the difference instantly.

As we said earlier there are many websites where you can buy CBD oil in the UK but choose wisely. Or buy the best today with free 24-hour delivery & realise what all the fuss is about...


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