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Buy CBD UK – Read before you buy!

buy cbd uk

So you want to buy CBD oil? Why not buy the original and the best from CanaXen?


You’ve heard of CBD oil and the major claims around it – possibly that Gwyneth Paltrow even uses it in her cocktails! Looking around both nationally and internationally, you will see claims that collectively suggest CBD oil is ‘the compound of the century’.


As a company that makes its own CBD oil we are not allowed to make any claims as to what it can do for you – even where the World Health Organisation has celebrated its discovery, let alone the large-scale high-quality medical research into the subject.


If you are going to put a chemical in your body, you should know exactly what is in it, right? Your body is a temple, and with something like CBD oil you should have only the very best!


Unlike many of our competitors, CanaXen make our own CBD oil. Most other companies in the UK who sell it buy it from wholesalers and cannot always guarantee the quality and content of the product that they sell. Extracting CBD oil from Lithuania grown hemp here in the UK, we regularly have our batches tested at an internationally recognised laboratory in Spain.


Buy CBD UK – Our easy to follow 10 step guide

cbd uk

Buy the Rolls-Royce of CBD oils!

One of our longest serving customers, ‘Sean’ has tried almost every CBD oil preparation on the UK market and he called the CanaXen preparation ‘the Rolls-Royce of the CBD world’.


Ever since we first brought CBD oil to the market, we have had the attitude that every chemical in the hemp plant should go into the CBD oil you buy in the UK. There are more than 200 chemicals including terpenes, flavonoids and non-psychoactive cannabinoids that make up the very best CBD oil. To make a Rolls-Royce you need top end components, and after six years in the business and as an industry leader we believe that you cannot mess about when offering a product such as this.


Ultimately it comes down to your experience when you buy CBD oil from us, and with thousands of happy customers to date, we know that we are doing the right thing thanks to the feedback we’ve had. When you buy CBD oil from us at CanaXen you will never look back!


While most of the chemicals in hemp can be sold legally in the UK one important cannabinoid cannot currently – THC, which is the psychoactive compound of cannabis that gets you ‘stoned’. Until medical regulations change in the coming years, we cannot legally sell a hemp oil with psychoactive levels of THC in it. Watch this space as when the law changes we will hopefully be one of the first to sell a complete cannabis oil at an affordable price and guaranteed quality!

 buy cbd uk

Buy CBD UK from CanaXen – New Look, New Bottles, Same Oils!

The UK-based specialist cannabidiol oil maker CanaXen now stocks its CBD Cannabis Sativa oil. This CBD oil range is available in three formulations: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Gold contains 1600mg CBD,

Silver 1000mg CBD

Bronze 500mg  CBD.

The CanaXen CBD oil is available in two sizes: 10ml and 30ml.



Buy CBD UK – At CanaXen we have very own UK based Laboratory where all our products are made!

buy cbd uk

Our CBD Oil is made from EU licensed Cannabis Sativa Hemp, grown in Lithuania, processed in the UK with guidance from the Cannabis Trade Association (CTA UK).

We use CO2 extraction and all of our products are tested in a globally recognised laboratory – Fundacion CANNA in Spain.

NSUK began producing hemp products in 2012. Our first brand Medivape was the first in the UK to offer affordable hemp products imported from Germany.

Since then we have sourced the finest EU legal hemp with the best levels of CBD and set up our licensed production facility in the UK.

Taking our products to the next level of quality and effectiveness.


buy cbd uk

Buy CBD oil made in the UK by CanaXen

When you buy CBD oil from UK company CanaXen you can be assured that all of the product has been extracted at our UK lab, using EU licensed cannabis sativa hemp that was grown in Lithuania. All our products have been made under the guidance of the Cannabis Trade Association (CTA UK).

In order to produce the CBD oil you buy we use industry standard CO2 extraction, and our batches are tested at a globally recognised laboratory, the Fundacion CANNA in Spain.

Our parent company NSUK started to produce hemp products in 2012 after selling Medivape – the first UK brand to offer affordable hemp products from Germany.


We now source the finest EU legal hemp with the highest levels of CBD that we extract at our licensed production facility. Now we produce for CBD oil in the UK we can guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the products that we sell.


Our history


CanaXen’s story began in 2011 when one of our founding directors started reading a rash of stories of new research showing health benefits beyond simple painkilling of the cannabis plant. This got him interested and he started reading every piece of research and evidence he could find on the subject.


With this newfound knowledge, he started looking to see what there was available in the UK at the time. In a nutshell, he found almost nothing that was affordable or of the quality that the general public would need in order to use it more widely. Once more, none of this was lab tested and you could not guarantee the quality of the product that you paid through the nose to buy!


He discovered Medivape UK, that offered lab tested CBD products. He says that his libido had improved, his eyesight had also reached 20 X 20 vision and his back problems melted away. He just had to get that product out there!

Our founding director set to work to see how he could extract hemp oil and CBD oil, having them tested by veteran cannabis campaigner and entrepreneur Jeff Ditchfield from Bud Buddies. The first oil is only came in at 1% CBD but as time has progressed the CBD concentration in the oil has increased significantly.


You can now buy CBD oil in the UK from CanaXen with a range of concentrations from 5% to 16%. In addition, we now sell a raw hemp extract and a range of three flavoured CBD vape liquids.



Our customers buy CBD oil and feel better!


Over the years since January 2012, our customer base has grown exponentially year-on-year. From a one-man operation we are now a team of four and are growing every year because our customers come back to us and recommend us to their friends.


We have a passion for selling top quality lab tested CBD oil and hemp oil at a lower price than our direct rivals.


It is perfectly legal to buy CBD oil in the UK as long as we follow strict legal guidelines as to its content. In this way, we toe the line was the law while providing our products that have the maximum health benefits without the negative sensations that come with psychoactive THC.

buy cbd uk

The Endocannabinoid system

So, how does CBD oil and hemp oil work on the body?

The body’s internal cannabinoid system is believed to have evolved some 500 million years ago, and as well as mammals can be found in basic multicellular organisms such as sea squirts and jellyfish.

It has been shown to be something called a synaptic moderator, controlling the levels of chemicals (called neurotransmitters) in the gaps between nerves (called synapses). This means that endocannabinoids are involved in a very wide range of processes in your body – so many indeed, that it is not fully understood having only been discovered in cannabis research in the 1960s.

What is known is that these chemicals are involved in maintaining the body’s balance, or homeostasis, and can help the body resolve many issues by itself. Sometimes the body needs a little help, and during cannabis research, it was discovered that a variety of hemp-derived chemicals such as cannabinoids and terpenes can help the body look after itself by binding to endocannabinoid receptors.

Under UK law we cannot make claims beyond what is known as there are no specific medicines that can be prescribed by your doctor involving the use of cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) just yet. What is known is that the endocannabinoid system is involved in helping the brain fix itself (neural plasticity), motor control, and things like inflammation.

What we can say for certain is that hemp derived chemicals found in CBD oil will be licensed as part of medicines in the coming years. Being non-toxic and is not causing a high, the government has said that it is safe to use, which means that you can perfectly legally buy it from us today.

Buy CBD UK – CBD and THC levels vary among different cannabis plants.

As typically grown for recreational use, cannabis often contains far more THC than CBD. However, by using selective breeding techniques cannabis breeders have created varieties with high levels of CBD and near-zero levels of THC. The hemp plant has taken second stage for many decades and has mainly been used for industrial and commercial uses. Many varieties do not contain much CBD or THC. The EU legal breeds we use belong to the latter category.

Diagram of the chemical structure of cannabidiol (CBD). Buy CBD UK in confidence and with peace of mind.

CBD and THC levels vary among different cannabis cbd uk

Despite these effects on the body, the CBD oil you buy here in the UK has no psychoactive effects according to the UK government. The buds of cannabis plants you may buy from the street dealer will contain something called THC that has the ability to get you stoned – THC has psychoactive properties.


Over the years, breeders have developed different strains of hemp with very low THC levels that still contain nearly 200 other chemicals known to have health effects on your body through the endocannabinoid system. These plants are the ones that we use at CanaXen to produce the hemp oil and CBD oil you buy in the UK legally.


Though having effects on different bodily processes, CBD does not do anything to your mind such as sedate or give you a buzz. This is why CBD is considered very useful health supplement.


2011 review published in the journal Current Drug Safety concluded that CBD “does not interfere with several psychomotor and psychological functions.” The authors add that several studies suggest that CBD is “well tolerated and safe” in humans, even at high doses.



Buy CBD UK from CanaXen

When our founding director started to produce CBD and hemp oil he was the only UK producer to do so.


In 2011, before we started to trade, you could only buy CBD or hemp oil from United States and this would cost upwards of £250 per milliliter of CBD oil with 18% concentration. None of this was lab tested and you could not verify the content of the product you bought. He discovered the product that he wanted to sell alleviated the disabling back problem that used to put him out of work. Even some of the products that he bought from the United States at huge expense would have no effect whatsoever.


Even today CanaXen is one of the few CBD suppliers in the UK that produce our own product at our own labs. Only from us can you guarantee that the hemp and cannabis oil you buy is exactly what it says on the tin!

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