Cannabis Legal Within 5 Years Says Ex-Tory

Cannabis Legal Within 5 Years Says Ex-Tory

The Telegraph sensationally revealed ex-Tory, MP Crispin Blunt says cannabis will be fully legal within 5 years.

cannabis is to be legalised within 5 years says crispin blunt

Being Blunt

Cannabis WILL be legal in 5 years says Crispin Blunt. The former conservative now leads an influential parliamentary group.

“The public benefit from the United Kingdom pushing on with the science & supporting research could be huge”

Crispin Blunt – Founder of Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group

Blunt openly supports more liberal drug laws. He says the conversation is getting serious & entering mainstream politics.

will boris johnson choose to legalise cannabis
PHAT J’S – It is unclear if Boris Johnson supports cannabis legalisation but Mr Blunt is very much behind his campaign for PM & says he has discussed the matter with him.

Phat J’s Incoming?

The former MP set up the cannabis lobbying firm in 2018. And is financed by overseas cannabis companies.

He has also discussed his intentions to PM hopeful Boris. It is still unclear if he supports their suggestions.

“I think I was once given cocaine but I sneezed & so it did not go up my nose, it may have been icing sugar”

Boris J – Have I Got News For You 2005

Mr Blunt is openly supporting Boris’s leadership bid. We think really positive changes could well be on the horizon.

cannabis is big money and will be in the uk soon
BLOOMING BUSINESS – The Cannabis business is huge & Blunt says overseas investors literally foaming at the mouth to enter the space.

Weed The People

Last month Mr Blunt made a speech to the House of Commons. He called for UK market’s to allow these huge investments.

‘A tidal wave of investor money’

Crispin Blunt announced to parliament

These investments are mainly from North America. Over the pond, Colorado makes millions annually from cannabis…

Most of the £400k his group raised to lobby parliament. Came from these overseas investors, expecting a UK ‘green rush’

uk cannabis farming could be a thing
BIG PHARMER – Cannabis farms could one day be a mainstay in both the economy & the UK countryside!

New Gold Rush

So there you have it, cannabis is going mainstream globally. And now the UK is heading in the same direction. 

 “The UK should try to take a decent slug of the global market in cannabis.”

Blunt Finished.

With its medical properties, many feel the relief cannabis could provide to the NHS could potentially save it.

If Colorado’s booming economy is anything to go by. We could be about to save our economy with legal weed in similar ways.


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Also, read the full story on the Telegraph website. Check out the effect cannabis had on Colorado healthcare and economy.

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