Kids Cannabis Seized at Airport…

Kids Cannabis Seized at Airport…

Just when you start to think the UK is warming to medical cannabis and the people, sometimes children who need it desperately…ukj shocked as cannabis confiscated

Cannabis Compassion? Confiscated.

Unnecessary and emotional scenes at Southend Airport yesterday as a family saw their daughter’s vital cannabis medicine confiscated. After traveling home from Rotterdam, where it is prescribed.

 “I’m really gutted. They just took everything.”

Emma Appleby, Teagans Mum

“They knew apparently, they had been notified from social media.”

She continued

New laws in late 2018 were supposed to allow parents the ability to seek extracts containing THC from abroad until made available here..

THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis that causes a high is vital in many circumstances as it has its very own powerful properties.

It clearly ruffles official feathers too, really badly.

medicine confiscated security
Maybe authorities need to stop losing their sh$t for the good sh&t and relax a little…

So What Happened?

Emma Appleby flew home with her young family following a trip to the Netherlands to retrieve their daughter’s vital medicine.

Upon reaching UK customs the family felt obliged to declare what they had with them and the medicine was confiscated.

The three month supply which should be available here costs £4,600 a pop. It was simply taken without a single thought.

Emma’s daughter Teagan usually gets relief from over 300 seizures a day via a specific cannabis extract.

She will not now, however, because the heroes at customs and excise have scored themselves a nice seizure!

customs seizure of kids weed oil
Candy from a baby! Lets have a big shout out for the airport that took a child’s medicine away…

THC | Common Sense

In the medical world drugs such as morphine are derived from what is in most circumstances classed as a demon plant. The opium poppy.

Doctors and patients have zero issues with a drug that if abused, like its cousin’s heroin or fentanyl. Can cause serious harm and or death.

The same respect should be shown to the cannabis plant. When abused it has the potential for harm.

When respected as medicine and regulated properly it can be utilised for its powerful medicinal properties.

It essentially boils down to compassion, it seems to be an afterthought in the conservative age.

Three-quarters full?! In reality, the cup is empty. The government seems to be in a virtual world when it comes to the real situation on the ground. In real peoples lives.

Losing the Pot?

There is the possibility for very real good to come out of this situation if the right minds steer future policy. Simply stealing it from children in airport is way out of line.

It is shocking to see stories like this time after time. Last year the government showed apparent intelligence when they relaxed laws allowing access to the drug.

Reality seems to be a good deal different from the one portrayed in Parliament.

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Join the good fight and help the cause. Click the image to follow the End our Pain Twitter page…

What Next?

Sir Mike Penning, Tory MP & co-chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Medical Cannabis Under Prescription, said:

“This is a shattering blow for Emma and Teagan. It’s a damning indictment of the way this policy has been implemented.”

He continued…

“I will be urging all my parliamentary colleagues to get this medicine returned to Emma soonest and demanding that the Department for Health, the NHS and everyone involved getting together urgently so families don’t have to go through the stress and trauma of traveling abroad to get a medicine that is now legal here.”

Peter Carroll, director of the campaign group End Our Pain, said:

“This is a medicine that’s legal in the UK. The law was changed for a reason.”

While we wait for this madness to end you can get the best UK CBD oils right here.

We hope as always that the goodwill out and situations like this disappear. There is a movement now and it has tremendous momentum behind it.

Join the cause, spread the word, inspire the herd…