cbd oil seizures increase

Airport CBD Oil Seizures Skyrocket

In the eight years we have been operating we have never known any CBD oil seizures when flying. But with news reports of airports confiscating CBD oil skyrocketing, we thought we better look into it. CBD Oil Seizures Increasing FOX News recently reported on a huge increase in CBD oil seizures in US airports. With … Continue reading Airport CBD Oil Seizures Skyrocket

eu cbd ban

EU CBD Ban Update

A month ago we reported the EU had declared CBD oil a novel food, effectively making CBD products illegal. We are pleased to say, we finally have some good news to report... EU CBD Ban | Scare Tactics In January the Daily Mail said the EU had ruled CBD novel foods and products would be … Continue reading EU CBD Ban Update

uk first cannabis clinic

UK’s First Cannabis Clinic Opens

Manchester has become the first city in the UK to open a clinic which will prescribe medical cannabis. In November 2018, Sajid Javid announced that medical cannabis can be prescribed to patients where there is a real need for it. Could Cannabis clinics start popping up all over the UK? Quite possibly. UK's 1st Cana … Continue reading UK’s First Cannabis Clinic Opens

uk grows cannabis

Theresa Green & the Fields of Weed

You 'May' think the headline is just a click bait but you would be wrong. The UK grows cannabis. Infact we currently hold the title of 'worlds biggest medical cannabis producer'. AND, would you Adam and Eve it, our very own Prime Minister's husband & drugs minister look set to make an absolute fortune from it … Continue reading Theresa Green & the Fields of Weed

is cbd oil legal in the uk?

Is CBD Oil Legal in the UK?

Its everywhere, local shops, online, celebs have it in cocktails but is CBD oil legal in the UK? Is CBD oil Legal in the UK? - Back to the beginning.  Many ask is CBD oil legal in the UK and to answer that we need to start in the olden days. A long long time … Continue reading Is CBD Oil Legal in the UK?

Loose Women Cannabis Oil?!

Who wasn’t moved and inspired by Hannah Deacon on Loose Women cannabis oil story this week?!  Hannah Deacon on the  Loose Women cannabis debate, will it ever be legal in the UK?! It was not the first time we had heard her story. Certainly not the first time the Loose Women cannabis debate has raged on! … Continue reading Loose Women Cannabis Oil?!

medical cannabis on uk prescription

Medical Cannabis on Prescription UK? Perhaps not…

Well, I never believed I would actually utter the words, you can now get medical cannabis on prescription in the UK. Yet here we are! Or are we...   Medical Cannabis on prescription? Too good to be true? Maybe. Make no bones about it, medical cannabis on prescription is awesome & MONUMENTAL. Just be aware there … Continue reading Medical Cannabis on Prescription UK? Perhaps not…