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A Canadian woman was sensationally detained and banned from the USA simply for bringing CBD oil with her to the states. The young lady who uses the oil for a condition called scoliosis believed that because cannabis is now legal in Canada AND Washington state, she would be fine its the non-psychoactive counterpart.  I felt like a criminal and they seemed like, ‘Oh, here’s another pothead using this’ I didn’t feel like I was treated with respect on it, considering it’s for a medical purpose Sadly she was badly mistaken when the oil was confiscated on US entry by officers at the border in Washington. Not only that she was refused entry, banned from the USA permanently and landed herself a nice $500 fine. But Cannabis is Legal in US?! Sadly this is not the case at all, while some states have either legalised fully or just for medical uses…

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ukj shocked as cannabis confiscated

Just when you start to think the UK is warming to medical cannabis and the people, sometimes children who need it desperately… Cannabis Compassion? Confiscated. Unnecessary and emotional scenes at Southend Airport yesterday as a family saw their daughter’s vital cannabis medicine confiscated. After traveling home from Rotterdam, where it is prescribed.  “I’m really gutted. They just took everything.” Emma Appleby, Teagans Mum “They knew apparently, they had been notified from social media.” She continued New laws in late 2018 were supposed to allow parents the ability to seek extracts containing THC from abroad until made available here.. THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis that causes a high is vital in many circumstances as it has its very own powerful properties. It clearly ruffles official feathers too, really badly. So What Happened? Emma Appleby flew home with her young family following a trip to the Netherlands to retrieve their daughter’s…

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