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For us at CanaXen after 8 years we know the power of the hemp/cannabis plant & what CBD oil benefits. If the hype is real, you could write onto the rear of a stamp the things it doesn't help. But is it just hype or is it the future?

cbd oil benefits

CBD Oil Benefits | Where to Begin?

First, we need to say that certain CBD oil benefits cannot be mentioned due to UK law. Secondly, we need to mention that we are in no way saying that our products can fix, cure or heal anything.

"I find CBD oil helps me stay chilled day to day. I never feel high or sleepy, just wide awake and able to face the day."

Sean Mallen - Lifelong CanaXen customer

In the UK CBD products can be sold perfectly legally as food supplements, similar to vitamins. For us to discuss the incredible things we have seen and heard from hundreds of customers over the years. Would land us a big fine and we think it is a good thing too. It prevents CBD companies from selling 'cure all's' and 'magic remedies' - as you may see on the high street.

If you do see signs outside shops offering such things, report them to the FSA, they are operating illegally.

And it could just be snake oil they are trying to sell...

cbd oil benefits whole plant
When choosing a CBD oil you want a whole plant extract to get all the goodness!

CBD oil Benefits are made up?

No. The cold hard fact is that certain CBD oil benefits are very real. But, they do not always work for everyone, in every circumstance and should not be viewed as the answer to everything.

You also need to consider individual needs. Everyone is different and specific CBD oil benefits can sometimes be found from selecting the right oil usually a whole plant extract.

For instance, a company in California is right now tailoring extracts to get the exact CBD oil benefits they desire. They do this by selecting the correct cannabinoids, their ratio, flavonoids, terpenes.

Doing this allows them to boost the ECS supercharged by the Entourage Effect and they are seeing some incredible results.

cbd oil benefits
No, CBD oil will not make you Superman, It won't give you superhuman powers. What the right oil will do, is supercharge the ECS & allow your body to do the superhuman job it was designed to do.

CBD oil Benefits in the UK

In the UK it is essential to pick the right oil for your needs. This is not necessarily a CanaXen oil but any whole plant extract from a company with third-party lab tests.

Many of the CBD vendors in the UK simply add crystalised CBD to olive oil in their bedroom which has little to no effect. Some buy oil from places like China and stick their own label on it!

We have even seen some companies simply selling hemp seed oil claiming huge health benefits.

These oils will typically contain near zero CBD and will certainly have zero positive effect on your health and well being.

cbd oil benefits uk experts
Starting material is vital for a Whole plant Extract. Literally, anyone can add crystallised CBD to olive oil and sell it a low price. They can also sell you snake oil and simply call it CBD oil!

Same CBD oil Benefits Globally?

Strangely the rest of the world seems to be much more forward thinking than the UK. If you Google CBD oil benefits in Europe or the USA for example, it gets a far better press than the UK search results.

What does this mean for us here in the UK? It means big corporations want to cash in on this new gold rush.

They know exactly what the CBD oil benefits are and there are companies itching to sell us all their own oils. Isreal has been growing high CBD hemp (similar to the EU legal hemp we use to make our oils) for over a decade now.

“Israel is the marijuana research capital of the world”

- Dr. Sanjay Gupta, chief medical correspondent for the Health, Medical & Wellness unit at CNN.

Isreal offer the benefits of CBD oil as part of their own national health service!

Zero CBD oil Benefits - Scare tactics

In the UK our media is controlled by huge corporations. These corporations are heavily invested in the pharmaceutical companies that want to claim monopoly over this incredible superfood.

This is why they frequently release stories questioning CBD oil benefits. Instead of focusing on the bigger picture of what CBD oil benefits actualy are.

We don't think these companies can monopolise the cannabis and hemp plant, or the CBD oil benefits.

The EU is moving to push medical cannabis legalisation and initiate serious studies regarding the more serious CBD oil benefits.

cbd oil benefits scare stories
Worst winter since 1704 yet outside it's like a tropical summer day... Don't believe scare stories questioning CBD oil benefits. Big Pharma companies who own these media outlets are eyeing the industry for themselves.

CBD oil Benefits | What can we say?

Our words are censored regarding the incredible CBD oil benefits we hear about on a daily basis. BUT! We cannot stop our lovely customers say their lives have been changed by our CBD oil benefits.

Literally, anyone can speak their minds freely on Trustpilot. These awesome folks ensure that the CBD oil benefits mentioned are from genuine, verified customers.

Check out the CBD oil benefits our customers seem to be getting from our oils on the Trustpilot site.

cbd oil benefits on trustpilot
Click the image above to see our awesome reviews

CBD Oil benefits | DIY Research

We cannot say that our oils or that cannabis and CBD can fix any major health issues. What we can say is go to the Facebook Group, or the Facebook Page and get involved.

All we can say is try it yourself, you don't have to wait until the UK suddenly announces how incredible this plant and its components are.

"Get 10% off your first order and every order afterwards with 'CBD10' at checkout & feel better for less"

- CanaXen CBD Oil UK

CBD is non-toxic, you cannot overdose from it and it has been used safely by mankind for tens of thousands of years in the fossil record.

Go for it, get the CBD oil benefits and start to feel better like millions all over the world already do.




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