CBD Oil Companies 2019

CBD Oil Companies 2019

There are now hundreds of CBD oil companies worldwide. It’s important to find one you can trust. Discounts are also important, find our list of UK and USA CBD oil companies EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODES below.

cbd oil companies 2019

CBD oil companies in 2019 what’s the fuss?

If you haven’t heard of CBD oil then you have been living under a stone for a good few years now. Aside from being damp, cold and rather heavy on the shoulders.

It also means you are missing out on one of the biggest revolutions in human history. No exaggeration here, the discovery of the ECS will change the way we look after ourselves forever.

Back in 2011 when CanaXen’s story began. There were very few CBD oil companies the world over.

Today, there are thousands, so allow CanaXen to give you an unbiased guide to CBD oil companies and their products.

cbd oil companies 2019 whats the fuss
CBD oil is gaining popularity exponentially. But what’s the fuss?

CBD oil companies are growing daily…

Back in Nov 2017 our CEO traveled to London for the Cannatech conference. At this event, there were many smart and highly educated people from all over the world.

They had descended on the UK capital to discuss one thing. The exponential growth of the CBD oil and cannabis industry as a whole.

Not just in the UK but globally.

Technically an illegal event according to the organisers.  The government were completely aware and even had advisors present.

You see, the world is changing, these individuals did not meet to discuss an Illegal market. They traveled from all over the world to discuss the next phase in personal health and well being.

Many are calling it the green rush. Named after the Gold rush that revolutionised the wild west and the entire globe during the 1800-1900s.

cbd oil companies 2019 cannatech
CannaTech conference, London. Mike Harlington head of the CTA explains UK CBD regulation

The best CBD oil companies stick to the rules…

In the UK there are laws which govern the sale of CBD and Hemp oil. The MHRA work alongside the CTA UK to police and regulate the market.

This is to ensure you are safe in the UK CBD marketplace. And that you are buying what you think you are buying.

Always ensure the products you wish to purchase have lab test results. Products in the UK must have the CBD content clearly displayed on the front.

It is important, particularly if you are unwell, to find a company with a history of trust. And of success, the CTA claims that over 1000 people per week stop using CBD.

In our experience, nearly 90% of our customers return to us month after month.

cbd companies cta uk
In the UK CBD oil companies are regulated by the CTA

CBD oil companies across the globe

First off we will start with CBD oil companies from across the planet. Along with a discount code, or promotion if available!

The UK list to follow – spome of these codes you will not find anywhere else but here

 Image result for cw hemp

Charlottes Web – CBD oil companies – US

Colorado, USA


Charlottes Web is one of the worlds most famous brands. Their very own breed of cannabis sativa contains next to zero THC.

It was used to help young Charlotte Figi with a severe form of epilepsy that was likely to kill her eventually!

Run by the Stanley brothers, CW Hemp is one of the worlds leading CBD oil companies.

With a great selection of hemp and CBD products.


You can currently get 10% off your first order simply by signing up to the contact list at cwhemp.com

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Endoca – CBD oil companies – EU & US

Hoofddorp, Netherlands


A family run company that started in the Netherlands, Endoca have been going for quite a few years.

With a vast array of hemp-derived, lab tested products these guys are one of the best CBD oil companies in the world.

Endoca is famous for being one of the first to offer CBD isolate crystals globally.


Use discount code ‘christmas‘ to get your hands on three Endoca products for the price of two.

You can also use coupon code ‘CHEAP10‘ to get 10% off your first order.

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Elixinol – CBD oil companies – EU, UK & US

Colorado, USA


Elixinol are well known for their CBD and hemp products and globally.

With an eye for detail, a passion for excellence,

Elixinol is one of the global CBD oil companies to watch through 2019.


Get $25 off your first order with coupon code ‘25off

Plus get 10% off orders with this code ‘10OFF915


cbd oil companies worldwide
CBD oil companies are popping up everywhere. Make sure you choose a reputable company.


UK based CBD oil companies

So we have compiled a list of all the CTA registered UK companies whom we trust and have used ourselves.

cbd oil companies by canaxen




CanaXen CBD Oils – CBD Oil companies – UK, EU

London, UK


Back in 2011 our founder first heard about CBD and it’s amazing properties. However, there were no CBD oil companies trading in the UK. In fact, there was zero CBD anything.

He made it his mission to make this amazing compound available to all and began his journey. Our products are made from 8 years experience and the word of thousands of customers.

If you want real results you need the Rolls Royce of CBD oil companies. We also have a great customer support group and friendly UK based helpline – 020-3289-1755.


For 10% off your first two orders use coupon code ‘N4L9KR43‘ at checkout.

Image result for canabidol logo

Canabidol – CBD oil companies – UK, EU, US

London, UK


Famous for their gel tabs Canabidol have been around since 2015. UK based, Canabidol have proved themselves to be one of the best CBD oil companies in the world.


Add coupon code canabidol10 to get 10% off your first purchase.

For money off Canabidol gel tabs enter code ‘100mg

Fiddlers Elbow Grease – CBD oil companies – UK, EU

London, UK


We know this company and it’s founder very well. We can also speak from substantial experience regarding their amazing products. Hemp tea bags, oils, salts, and aromatherapy they have many bases covered. We cannot forget to mention also, their amazing balms. We think Fiddler’s Elbow Grease will be a big company to watch in 2019.


Currently 3 for 2 on all stocking fillers!

EXCLUSIVE 5% off coupon code – use ‘CNXN5PC’ at checkout.

The Healing Cauldron LTD

The Healing Cauldron – CBD oil companies – UK, EU

A great website offering great products and low prices. Friendly and helpful aftercare plus a 7,000 strong UK facebook support group.

In there, you can ask questions, get advice from experienced sellers and customers alike.


10% off EXCLUSIVE code – CBD10at checkout.

UK CBD oil companies – honorable mentions

There are MANY great companies in the UK and too many to list. For us, the best companies are to be found listed on the CTA UK website


Image result for zenon hemp farm

Zenon Hemp Farm

Based in Lithuania these guys supply some of

the best Hemp in the world at great prices.


There is currently a site-wide sale going on for Zenon with saving up to 40% on some items.

Give them a call the team is always happy to strike a deal!

Our Logo

Chill Your Beans 

UK Based company, again we know the founder of

this unique CBD infused coffee bean company.


Amazing products, tell them CanaXen sent you for a bargain!


cbd oil companies cta approved
The CTA UK website is the place to go for reputable CBD products and vendors…