Is CBD Oil Legal in the UK?

Is CBD Oil Legal in the UK?

Its everywhere, local shops, online, celebs have it in cocktails but is CBD oil legal in the UK?

is cbd oil legal in the uk?

Is CBD oil Legal in the UK? – Back to the beginning. 

Many ask is CBD oil legal in the UK and to answer that we need to start in the olden days.

A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away… actually it was right here on Earth around 2 – 3 billion years ago. Back then there was nothing living on the land apart from perhaps a bit of plant life, but in the sea life was thriving.

Our earliest common ancestor with the cannabis plant harkens back to this time when the oceans were full of translucent life forms known as sea squirts.

This primitive little organism, still around today found on jetties and marinas. Developed the very first nervous system which went on to become the one that all animals take for granted today.

In the humble sea squirt, compounds nearly identical to THC and CBD were the triggers for the organisms movements. One would activate muscle-like tissue and the other would relax it.

Back then perhaps an ancient sea squirt asked – is CBD legal in the UK? It would definitely have been legal because humans and laws had not been invented yet!

It is slightly doubtful that question was asked back then but it does make you think – doesn’t making nature against the law seem a little odd.

It’s like saying God has made a mistake essentially.

is cbd legal in the uk
The humble Sea Squirt had the very first Nervous System

Vital Biological Processes

Anyway philosophy aside the point is that our bodies are wired to use CBD and THC. Our own bodies produce compounds very similar to THC & CBD, they are necessary for our survival.

Named the endocannabinoid system, a vital bodily process found in all mammals. This system regulates homeostasis, sleep, energy levels, anxiety, sickness, and many many more vital physical systems.

As we age our bodies produce less and less of a compound called anandamide – our bodies own cannabinoid. This leads to premature aging, the onset of age-related illnesses and general bodily decline.

That’s why the government should keep CBD oil legal in the UK. CBD is pretty much molecularly identical to Anandamide and assists the body in performing its vital functions.

In older people or those with major illnesses & conditions, CBD seems to help them in an obvious and dramatic way. It is as if they had previously been cannabinoid deficient.

Cannabinoid deficiency will perhaps become a regularly used term amongst doctors prescribing cannabis! At this moment in time THC is illegal and no more than 1mg can be present in any carton, THC must be removed to keep CBD oil legal in the UK


is cbd oil legal in the uk
Reefer Madness was a successful hate campaign by WRH and the US government


When was Cannabis Outlawed?!

Way back in the 1700’s and right up until the 1930’s all CBD oil legal in the UK and everywhere else. Previously known as hemp oil, many concoctions from tinctures to oils containing cocaine or morphine were given to people for all kinds of medical issues.

Obviously, a cocaine-based syrup was not the best way to deal with a tickly cough but they were on to something with hemp.

Sadly during the 1930’s a man named William Randolph Hearst decided to wage war against the plant. He was the first printing press baron of the USA and he felt his wood-based paper mills were seriously under threat. He realised that hemp could produce more paper than wood with less water and time until crop. Hemp was a direct threat to his media empire so with his powerful sway the alienation of hemp and cannabis began.

People of the day were taught to hate the hemp and cannabis plants with terms like locoweed. They showed adverts staring crazed, stoned Mexican men attempting to rape US women – no kidding.

With great success, this demonised hemp and cannabis and pressurised the rest of the world in following suit.

Since then people have a strong dislike for hemp, there it’s remained on the fringes of society for 70 years!

Back then nobody really knew of the incredible benefits of the hemp plant or perhaps they would have kept at least CBD oil legal in the UK!


So that’s the past, is CBD Oil Legal in the UK right now?

Is CBD legal in the UK currently? Yes, it is legal to buy and to sell in the UK so long as it adheres to strict guidelines imposed by the MHRA, FSA and the CTA.

Products must be correctly packaged either as a medical product or food supplement. Displaying the CBD content clearly on the front, batch number and maximum dosage recommendations.

For CBD oil legal in the UK, it must contain no more than 1mg of THC per carton. In fact, this rule applies to any product on sale in the UK

If you are selling CBD as a food supplement you must not incite or infer ANY medical inferrence. In laymens, companies cannot make any medicinal claims about their products unless they hold a specific medical license.

Difficulties still, regarding CBD oil Legal in the UK

This makes matters rather interesting for sellers of CBD oil like Canaxen. The USP of our products is what they do for our ever growing list of happy customers.

Being unable to shout from the rooftops about CBD’s incredible properties means customers must do the research themselves. This is fine but can lead to misinformation and individuals potentially buying fake or false claim products, sometimes with little or no CBD at all.

This is not ideal but CanaXen must abide by the law – a medical license can cost hundreds of thousands & can take years for products to get a seal of approval.

All of our amazing reviews can be seen on

cbd legal in the uk
Click the image above to see verified reviews






CBD Oil legal in the UK because of Pioneers

Hats of to whoever made the decision, keeping CBD oil legal in the UK makes it accessible to all.

What you need to do is decide which company is for you. You need to be able to trust whoever it may be. Lab tests are vital, also check the colour, a whole plant extract will look incredibly dark almost black. While the CBD oil legal in the UK is many and varied currently, this may change in October so taste the difference today!

Oils containing crystal CBD don’t do as well as whole plant extract oils up to 25% less effective. These oils look very light in colour and will not tend to have a strong hempy taste. Essentially these CBD oils do not contain all the good stuff from the whole plant and our customers know the difference. Our Raw hemp oil is astonishingly good, it contains no cannabinoids but full of the goodness of hemp – basically juiced raw hemp (approx. 10 plants worth) in a 30ml bottle and tastes incredible. BUY THE BEST CBD oil Legal in the UK

cbd oil legal in the uk
Medivape was a pioneer for CBD products back in 2011

Back in the day when no one knew if CBD oil legal in the UK!

CanaXen was not always known as CanaXen. Back in 2011 when our CEO started the very first CBD company in the UK called Medivape. At that time only a few companies in the United States offer CBD oil legally.

It was generally assumed then, that CBD oil legal in the UK because the compound was not listed as a controlled substance at that time.

Many people went by the same law as hemp is governed by – 0.2% THC and no more to keep the CBD oil legal in the UK

These companies sold CBD oil at ridiculously high prices. Our CEO’s main drive was to make CBD accessible to all and at the lowest price possible.

This ethos has stayed with us. Back then there was zero information regarding whether CBD oil was legal in the UK. Simply put, no one even knew what it was back then to regulate or make laws for it!

In 2016 the MHRA and the government ruled that all sales of CBD be stopped until they investigate how to approach the situation, All CBD vendors were expected to end the sale of CBD oils by law, by January 2017.

This decision was overturned when regulators were swamped by CBD activists and users of the compound. Over ten thousand people descended on the houses of parliament to protest the removal of CBD oils from sale.

People power swayed the decision to overturn their ban, they realised many sick people would be badly ill again!

Since then the CTA alongside the MHRA has sought to regulate the market and make sure all vendors stick to the rules. In the main, they seek out sellers who are not on their member’s list and report them to the authorities.

CBD Oil Legal in the UK as an Infographic Timeline…

CBD Legal in the UK Officially – Since Jan 2017

New and Interesting Developments with CBD Oil Legal in the UK? THC Available too?!

In July 2018 the home secretary Sajid Javid announced the government would indeed look into rescheduling cannabis for medicinal purposes.

A committee got together and decided in patients best interests to allow products containing THC as well as CBD legal in the UK.

The way they want to implement this in its finer details is not yet known. We are still awaiting the full prospectus of how this new industry will take shape.

October 2018 is the date planned for the announcement that so many medical cannabis users are waiting for.

We hope that the status quo remains that CBD is legal in the UK and available as a food supplement.

If big pharma is allowed full control over this entire industry then the current variety of oils will be much restricted.

We pray the government and Mr. Javid do the right thing and maintain the focus directly on patients and their needs.


cbd oil legal in the uk
We could potentially see more and more cannabis plants grown in the UK as medicinal cannabis opens up


The future? Keeping CBD Oil Legal in the UK

Here at CanaXen we have always been customer focused, customer driven and that won’t be changing anytime soon. Our goal has always been to offer the best CBD oils the world has to offer at the best price possible. Many companies you see will sell CBD at a low price – if it is lightly coloured it is likely it is crystallised CBD in a carrier oil.

These companies tend to buy their products from abroad in bulk sales. They get very low prices on low-quality products and don’t need to pay people to make their products.

At CanaXen we make our own products right here in the UK – legally of course – using hemp from CTA approved suppliers.

We have a lab where we make all of our lovely products. Hemp extracts, CBD oils, CBD vapes – we do it all!

Hopefully, the government uses a system similar to Colorado where vendors can sell cannabis and extracts – like a chemist. People will head to the doctors for certain conditions and the patient will be given the option of the natural cannabis plant.

A card will be issued and the patient can then go to a dispensary and purchase the products they need.

Imagine if all pubs and bars were cannabis coffee shops – no one would be fighting on a Friday night anymore. Mainly because it is impossible to get into a fight when stoned!

On a serious note though the NHS could potentially save billions in weekend admissions for alcohol-related injuries. Add to that the reduction in Admissions due to CBD making everyone feel better, its a win-win situation.

This is why it makes total sense to make THC and CBD oils legal in the UK forever!


So CBD Oil Legal in the UK but What If I go Abroad is it Legal Everywhere?

Customers have always asked us if they can take their oils on holiday. Just because CBD oil is legal in the United Kingdom it doesn’t mean everywhere is this forward thinking.

We have compiled a small list of major countries and the Legal status of CBD in these major resorts (list correct as of Sept 2018).

The United States of America  – CBD oil legal in some states, Illegal in others, do your research. 

Federally CBD and cannabis remain scheduled substances and subject to Federal law. That means it is all still illegal but because individual states can determine their own laws aside from federal

they can decide for themselves the legality of cannabis and CBD products. See below.

In honesty we would just try to buy it once you land, US customs can be very funny with CBD.

cbd oil legal in the uk
CBD Oil is Legal in some states but not in others!


United Kingdom – CBD oil Legal in the UK

CBD oil is legal within the United Kingdom and is not a controlled substance. The cannabinoid is not restricted and nor is access and can be freely distributed. Worth noting however CBD derived from cannabis indica plants isn’t possible to obtain legally, as the herb is illegal under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

Hemp can be grown in the UK legally with a license and ‘high THC licenses can also be obtained. Although the rules and the intricacies of this license are unknown to us and advice from a government body should be sought. It would be silly for the government to turn its back on the decision to make CBD oil legal in the UK!

cbd oil legal in the uk
CanaXen are part of the tiny 10% who Manufacture their oils in the UK rather than bulk abroad!


Europe and Spain

If traveling to Spain or anywhere in Europe really we would always suggest packing your oils into checked luggage. Our oils contain zero THC and as such customers would have no issues with our products. However, prevention is preferable to cure and we always advise our customers to put CBD oil in checked luggage to save any questioning!

CBD is legal in multiple countries within Europe. Countries such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, and Italy allow the sale and use of CBD oils and licensed medicinal cannabis products.

Hemp is also legal to cultivate in most of Europe. But only EU registered and controlled hemp breeds can be grown, all of which MUST contain under 0.2% THC. Many companies on the continent and us here in the UK use hemp or cannabis Sativa as a source for CBD oils and extracts.



In June of 2018 Australias TGA Reclassified the legality of CBD Oil as Schedule 4 controlled substance.

In Australian law, schedule 4 items must be prescribed and supplied by a Pharmacy. Doctors prescribing CBD oil legally need full registration under the Safe Access Scheme. CBD oils require registration with the TGA for use in Therapeutic use.


Thanks for reading following our piece asking the question – Is CBD oil legal in the UK?!

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