Airport CBD Oil Seizures Skyrocket

Airport CBD Oil Seizures Skyrocket

In the eight years we have been operating we have never known any CBD oil seizures when flying. But with news reports of airports confiscating CBD oil skyrocketing, we thought we better look into it.

cbd oil seizures increase

CBD Oil Seizures Increasing

FOX News recently reported on a huge increase in CBD oil seizures in US airports. With the UK package holiday season about to start, is there a cause for concern here?

Before we answer that let’s take a deeper look into the US situation.

“One single, small amount of CBD oil that you thought was cool to take on a trip with you, could result in life-changing effects”

CBP Port Director Cleatus Hunt Jr.

The US has always had some of the strictest drug laws in the world. But with the relaxation of cannabis laws in many states.

Shocking to hear of people being arrested for having CBD oil seizures from luggage or on their person. Amongst the arrests was a 71-year-old using the oil for pain relief.

Charged with a felony of drug possession. This poor older lady could have been anyone’s grandma, getting arrested for looking after herself.

Certainly, a worry for any UK CBD users taking their oil on their jollies…

cbd confiscations in airports
Worryingly many people have actually been arrested for carrying CBD oil in the States

CBD Oil Seizures in UK Airports?

So then is this something that UK holidaymakers should be concerned about? Sorry to say but yes it most certainly is.

A few weeks ago we reported on a young boys CBD oil being seized at Southend airport.

 “I’m really gutted. They just took everything.”

Emma Appleby following the confiscation.

In an update to the story, we are happy to report that the seizures have since been returned to the family.

So here at least there seems to be a little more common sense. Important to remember that the stories positive outcome was down to media exposure.

As soon as one year ago, the outcome could have been very different for the Appleby family.

uk holidays and cbd oil
When holidaying in the UK, make sure you take only as much as you need leaving larger bottles at home.

What Should You Do?

If you are planning a holiday abroad this year always consider where you are going. Make sure you are fully aware of the laws regarding CBD oil seizures.

As CBD oil is still quite a breakthrough product, many countries are not as accepting. Where possible we would always say leave it at home.

“If you’re using cannabis/hemp oil for medical purposes and have documentation from a doctor, bring that with you. You might be questioned on the purpose of your oil — so be sure you have an explanation ready”

Highland Pharm Advice on Avoiding CBD oil Seizures.

There are some countries where you can find great CBD products. You may find prices a little higher and as with anywhere ensure they are third-party lab tested.

And have great reviews from a trustable source such as Trustpilot.

cbd legality worldwide
The world is starting to warm to the Cannabis and Hemp plant. The World Health Organisation recommends access to medical cannabis, the UN and the EU also! BUT you must still make sure it is legal in the location you wish to travel.

Where is CBD Oil Legal?

There are many countries around the world who are turning their backs on the cannabis demonisation of the last 70 years. This crusade against one of mankinds most useful plants was guided by the US initially yet most countries followed suit whether under pressure or voluntarily. CBD Oil seizures can spoil your holiday especially if you are arrested.

Countries where you can legally gain access to medical cannabis. We are adding the UK but much more work is still to be done!

  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • Peru
  • Poland
  • Australia
  • Chile
  • United Kingdom
  • Greece
  • Israel
  • Italy

The United States of America is a far more complex situation with state and federal laws conflicting.

It is all heading the right direction globally, fingers crossed it continues!