CBD Oil Shop Gets Smashed Up…

CBD Oil Shop Gets Smashed Up…

Stupidity & ignorance still factor strongly in today’s society. As anti-drug thugs smash up & graffiti CBD shop…

thugs smash up cbd shop

Ignorance No Defence

Rather shockingly and apparently in a case of mistaken identity. Thugs have smashed up a CBD oil product store in Blackpool.

They scrawled graffiti on the window with the words ‘STOP DRUGS’.

“I was phoned by a friend in the morning to tell me what had happened and I thought they were joking”

Joanne Thompson – No.1 CBD Shop

Shop manager Joanne thinks the store was targetted. Because they do not realise CBD is actually a legal and safe product.

Perhaps the thugs were smoking something potent themselves.

thugs on drugs
STICKY SITUATION – The super-intelligent ‘Hemp Haters’ also used glue to keep the doors locked. Instead of sniffing it as usual…

Mindless Scandalism

As most people know, CBD is a completely legal part of cannabis and hemp. It has been regulated properly for a few years now.

Many still hold on to the idea that cannabis and hemp are bad. Sadly for them, both will be fully legal within the next 5 years.

“I couldn’t believe it when I turned up they had also super-glued the lock and smashed our windows”

Store Manager No1. CBD 

Since 2017 CBD has been recognised as fully legal. To possess, sell, and of course, buy without a license.

If it were THC the ‘vigilantes’ were complaining about. Then similarly, there are very strict controls regarding THC content.  

“It’s just mindless because it is totally legal, & government approved.”

Joanne Finished.

MANKINDS PLANT – CBD comes from certain types of cannabis & hemp. Its first recorded human use dates back to 12,000 BC with zero official deaths directly caused by the amazing plant species. But CBD oils must contain below 0.2% THC

Helpful Plants

Cannabis and hemp have been persecuted for decades. Since ‘reefer madness’ in the 1930s. But perspectives are changing.

The BBC reported only a few days ago that major MP’s said medical cannabis would be fully legalised. Sooner than we think.

“To date, there is no evidence of public health-related problems associated with the use of CBD.”

World Health Organisation

High street chain H & B have sold CBD oils for years. One wonders why they have not been target of similar attacks.

At the end of the day, mindless acts like this remind us how dim some people are. Maybe they need to try some CBD too

victoria derbyshire discusses cannabis legalisation
VICTORIAS SECRET – Watch Victoria Derbyshire chat openly about the recent visit MP’s made to a Canadian Cannabis farm. CLICK IMAGE

Spicing Things Up

Completely unrelated but worth mentioning, SPICE is making its way into E-liquid mixes.  The BBC reported the dangers.

In Manchester, nine people collapsed & were taken to A&E. Directly the cause of vaping e-liquid containing the vile drug.

“Health agencies have warned people to avoid products sold as ‘THC vape juice’, ‘THC vape pens’ – there is no way of knowing what is in there”


A few months ago in the same area, ‘five school-aged children’ attended hospital for inhaling the noxious unnatural mixture.

While we are not at epidemic levels, it is clear people must be alert. Worrying that anyone can so easily mistake it for something far less harmful.

new forms of spice in eliquids are now showing up
SPICE UP YOUR LIFE? – The notorious drug Spice has been responsible for a number of deaths & turns users into zombies. Surely these types of drugs should be targeted by vigilantes, however dim they are.

Keep It Natural

Our thoughts return to CBD No.1 in Blackpool. We hope they can reopen as soon as possible and continue to serve the public their amazing CBD oils!

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