CBD Vape Oil in the UK | One Stop Guide

CBD Vape Oil in the UK | One Stop Guide

CBD vape oil in the UK is gaining popularity. Do you vape CBD? Already vaping and wondering about health & safety concerns? Good, you should, read on –

cbd vape oil uk

It’s a growing trend, Google searches for ‘CBD Vape oil UK’ increase monthly.

You are probably wondering if vaping Cannabidiol (CBD) is for you. We at Canaxen have noticed that many people want to start vaping CBD oil UK, but don’t know where to start. Vaping is a very effective and popular technique for obtaining your daily CBD. There may be a small learning curve, but please don’t feel in the dark about this topic. We aim to provide a comprehensive guide, to assist you through the process of selecting a vape to use.

Where to buy CBD vape oil UK.

When ordering CBD vape oil UK you’ll need both a suitable CBD vape liquid and a quality device. We at Canaxen are a reputable manufacturer, which will give you peace of mind about the contents of the bottle that you are about to vape. If you are looking for a quality CBD vape oil you have come to the right place, Canaxen stock various CBD e-liquids. Many CBD oil brands provide CBD oil drops alone and you cannot vape any of their products, whereas we at Canaxen produce both quality CBD e-liquids and quality CBD oils. Choose our whole plant quality lab tested CBD e-liquids. Just make sure you only vape our dedicated hemp CBD vape e-liquids, rather than our Bronze Silver and Gold CBD oils, which are not designed for vaping. Please do not mix up your bottles if you are vaping and taking CBD oil drops.

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Canaxen’s CBD vape oil UK based since 2011.

Visit our CBD vape shop today to choose from our quality smooth vapes. E-liquids are typically flavoured which is why we at Canaxen provide both flavoured and non-flavoured CBD e-liquid options. Why not consider our Blueberry or Jelly Bean flavoured CBD vapes? You may like these flavours if you don’t like the taste of CBD oil drops. Equally many individuals prefer a more natural taste and opt for our Original Hemp vape. The original option may seem more appealing for those who do not use nicotine e-cigarettes or prefer a hemp taste. The best flavour is of course down to personal preference.  Our three CBD vapes are nicotine-free and we hope you’ll agree that they are pleasant to use.

Our premium CBD vapes are sold in 10ml bottles and are £19.95 each. Unlike selecting nicotine e-liquids, you aren’t starting at a high dose and reducing. Irrespective of whether you opt for a flavoured vape or not, they are all 100mg CBD content. Canaxen believe that this is an ideal dose to both start off with and continue with on an ongoing basis.



cbd vape oil uk


The efficiency of CBD vape oil.

Vaping is fast acting and CBD gets into your bloodstream far quicker than ingesting it. Think of how quickly you inhale air and oxygen gets into your bloodstream, then vaping CBD vape oil UK the effects can feel almost instantaneous.  Take a small number of inhalations at a time and be mindful and observant of any effects. You may be surprised just how effective a small quantity is. Start low and slow (which is common advice anyway within the CBD community) to find a few inhalations that work for you.

You may be interested in adding one of our CBD e-liquids to your regime as a top up for extra effect, or as your primary method of taking your daily CBD.

Is it only smokers and vapers who vape CBD?

Many customers are drawn to our CBD e-liquids because they already vape. Long-term vapers may view CBD vape oil as a natural progression. We recommend that if you vape a nicotine e-liquid, do vape your liquids separately rather than mixing CBD e-liquid in the same tank. This way, you can feel the benefits of CBD separately from your nicotine requirements.

Vaping CBD e-liquids is popular among those who aren’t vaping nicotine e-liquids. It still feels authentic to vape CBD even if you haven’t used e-cigarettes. It may be a misconception that you shouldn’t if you’ve no prior e-cigarette experience. We’ve found that more individuals are vaping CBD and are noticing the benefits. Choosing CBD vape oil UK has become popular, irrespective of whether you’ve vaped before or not. Vape our CBD e-liquids together with taking our CBD oils, or as your primary method of getting your daily CBD.

CBD vape oil UK – Will it get me high?

Vaping Canaxen’s CBD vape oils will never get you high, but this may be a common misconception, once you start talking about vaping hemp CBD. Likewise, with our Bronze Silver and Gold CBD oils, our e-liquids contain no psychoactive properties. There is no Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) within any of our products. You’ll be aware that cannabis is still a Class B controlled drug in the UK but there are no concerns about the legal status of taking either hemp CBD oil as drops or as an e-liquid.

Any drawbacks?

Vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) vary between brands of CBD vape oil UK and this will make some products seem more viscous than others, but this is largely about preference.  Our CBD e-liquids are 80% VG and 20% PG. It is these ingredients that make CBD vape oil differ from our CBD oils.

A very small proportion of individuals have a sensitivity to PG which may lead to a sore throat, a headache or sinus issues. With the Propylene Glycol content at such a low level, it is important to note that we have never had any problems reported with our own brands in any way shape or form. 

By buying quality kit, you’ll avoid the more commonly experienced drawbacks, associated with vaping with basic e-cig equipment. The same CBD e-liquid can feel very different when vaped through two different devices.

Some folk vape CBD oil UK products similar to our very own GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE. 

We do not advise that you do this with brands other than our own. Some companies use carrier oils such as olive or hemp seed and these can be very harsh and lead to a condition known as lipid pneumonia.

There is no worry of this with CanXen CBD oil’s – we know everything that is in there – CBD oil and MCT oil. Nothing else.

MCT oil is used by bodybuilders for energy and is derived from coconut seed oil, MCT is perfectly safe to vape when mixed with concentrated CBD oil.

Just make sure you get the right gear!

cbd vape oil uk
CanaXen CBD full range


Finding the right kit for your CBD vape oil UK.

This may seem like a minefield, but it pays to get the right kit for convenience and quality of your vaping experience. All devices comprise of a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, heating element coil tank and mouthpiece. Devices look either like an e-cigarette style pen or they are larger with a mod battery. May we suggest you opt for quality items without going for the dearest.

Some CBD vape oil UK vendors, sell a kit which contains the CBD oil either in a bottle plus a pen; or with the e-liquid contained within a pen cartridge. Once you realise that most of the cost will be the CBD vape oil, they are only supplying a basic e-cig pen. We at Canaxen believe you deserve to treat yourself to the best kit for your own needs, to use with our top-quality CBD e-liquids, which is ultimately more effective and better for the environment.

These days you can get good advice about the correct equipment for using CBD vape oil UK from a high street or online e-cig shop. Suitable tanks and batteries are part of an ever-changing market but do stick to a key brand.

Please avoid e-cig starter kits or ego style pens because you’ll get little if any vapour from a poor-quality pen and the vapour may seem burnt. Or at best, the coils will always need replacing if vaping CBD vape oil through an ego style pen.

cbd vape uk
Typical ‘MOD’ Vaping set-up

Mod Batteries

The advantage of a mod battery is variable voltage and wattage settings. A mod battery is perfect for your customised CBD vaping experience because you can alter the heat. They more easily stand on a flat surface. You don’t need the most expensive model to do the job.

Please keep to no more than 3.75V to prevent burning the CBD. A medium powered battery set to 15-25W produces a smooth tasting vapour. May we suggest a 0.75ohm or 0.5ohm atomiser/coil which goes into your tank together with 19.0W and 3.7V battery settings. This should achieve a decent amount of CBD vapour. From these settings adjust slightly if desired. A subtle adjustment can make all the difference.

A mod battery will be very durable and you will be able to replace the vape tank in the future without having to replace the battery.

Tank and coils for CBD vaping.

When using CBD vape oil UK you will require a tank that is easy to open for refilling/changing the coil. This is especially a consideration if you suffer grip problems and hand pain or weakness. You’ll soon known when it is time to replace it, once you’re no longer producing the same quantity of vapour as before. A quality device eliminates leakage, therefore, making vaping our CBD vape oil UK more cost-effective.

Many individuals find sub ohm tanks and coils together with more airflow useful to produce more vapour. You can use more power for longer without excessive heat causing a burnt taste. Do not be tempted to increase the heat when your coil is wearing out because you risk a burnt taste. Sub ohm also suits Canaxen’s high VG content within our e-liquids. If you’ve ever been put off by huge clouds of vapour in public places, you won’t experience that with CBD vape oil UK. Remember that when vaping CBD e-liquid your requirements and settings are very different from other vapers. You are aiming for efficiency not chasing clouds of vapour.

Sub ohm Mod Kit for CBD Vape oil UK.

There are cost-effective, sub ohm variable temperature mod kits which can be under £30 including the tank. They may be adjustable from 10W-50W, therefore including the already suggested range to start from. Medium power kits may be ideal if you are suspicious that some larger batteries may not be better than the classic ego style ones. Kits vary in performance so make sure you mention that you will be vaping CBD e-liquid, rather than discussing the number of cigarettes a day smoked. These adjustable sub ohm mod kits are ideal for anybody who doesn’t know where to begin with buying the tank and battery separately.

Some fixed power batteries may burn the CBD vape oil UK. Others may still not have the power you had in mind. Fixed power options may not be much cheaper anyway. While it may seem less technical it defeats the object if it still doesn’t suit your needs, which are different from other vapers or e-cigarette users.

Once you understand that vaping CBD is often a preferred technique, choosing the right kit and then finding it user-friendly will become second nature to you. Providing that you’ve got a quality set-up you’ll be able to always have convenient and fast relief and means of taking your daily CBD.

The final word on CBD Vape oil UK.

Canaxen’s CBD vape oils are designed specifically for vaping and are different from our other CBD oils. We hope you’ll find our CBD e-liquids pleasant. ALso, that we have guided you through the various considerations relevant to vaping CBD.  You can easily vape our CBD vape oil UK with a good quality kit, to gain the maximum benefits possible from your CBD. We hope you’ll agree that CBD vape oil is an effective and convenient technique for everyday use. While we cannot advise about specific conditions we hope that you’ll find vaping our CBD e-liquids helpful. Remember a little goes a long way with Canaxen’s CBD vape oils. Weak devices may not be powerful enough for the job. Look into sub ohm adjustable medium power kits or a mod battery, to get the most from our Canaxen e-liquid and CBD oil.

Canaxen and Canaxen’s CBD vape oils or e-liquids aren’t designed to diagnose treat or cure any disease.


cbd oil vape uk
The differences between smoking and vaping are clear


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This piece was written by Fiona Hodgkiss – CBD oil and CBD vape Guru.