Could Cannabis Save the NHS?

Could Cannabis Save the NHS?

MANY countries have now legalised cannabis. Most say their health service has been vastly improved.

can cannabis save the nhs

I Want to be Free!

On July the 5th 1948, Britain declared its freedom. Freedom from having to pay for world-class on-demand health care.

What a revolution it was, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. But it does not look likely this legacy will continue.

“When you’re dealing with trade everything is on the table, so the NHS or anything else”

President Donald Trumps – When asked if NHS would be part of a deal in a no-deal Brexit…

When health Minister of the day. Nye Bevan entered a Manchester hospital and announced free healthcare for all.

The dream seemed silly to some. Almost 70 years since its creation, after saving countless lives, it is under threat.

could cannabis legalisation save the nhs
PIGS MIGHT FLY – Our imminent great leader has often said the NHS would be safe under his leadership. He also said we give the EU 350 million pounds a week…

National Hemp Service

In a no-deal Brexit which is looking likely. The UK would have no option to offer its greatest prize to the highest bidder.

Many say the economy narrowly missed recession over the last quarter. That a financial downturn could be incoming.

What better time to launch and promote medical cannabis! Many nations have already done so with amazing results.

hemp for victory

HEMP FOR VICTORY – The UK is already the biggest producer of medical cannabis for a company called GW pharmaceuticals. They make cannabis medicine and ship it all over the world where people get the incredible benefits it has to offer. While currently in the UK, we are prosecuted for doing the same.

Positive Moves? Maybe.

Plans are in place to offer GW’s extracts to UK patients, but at a huge cost. While we are heading in the right direction.

So it seems there is much more that has to be done before it is a viable option for UK citizens.

 gw pharmaceuticals grow cannabis
LEGAL CANNABIS GROWERS – GW Pharmaceuticals have grown cannabis for FDA approved medicines which will soon be available to people here in the UK. But at a huge cost…

So What Can Cannabis Do?

In the countries where cannabis has been legalised.  The strain on the local health authority has reduced noticeably.

We won’t go into specific details as we may be called out for making medical claims. Which is illegal for good reason.

“Introducing a legal cannabis market to the UK could earn the Treasury between £1bn and £3.5bn a year in tax revenues, a new report suggests.”

The Guardian

You only need to Google cannabis and ANY condition. You will likely find some serious evidence about it.

One thing for sure is that revenues generated by cannabis would top over 3 billion a year. And that is conservative.

That kind of money could help save our national health service. Period.

cannabis could help save the nhs
FAT STACKS – The legalisation of cannabis could generate up to £3.5 billion a year experts say. Certainly a HUGE help for our NHS.

What Will Boris Do?!

Mr Johnson, whose great-grandfather was the great Ottoman politician, Ali Kemal. Said the NHS is perfectly safe.

But if past experience is key, as it usually is with politics. Then the NHS will be sold off completely.

It has been sold off stealthily for many years now anyway…

Legalise Cannabis!

Correct regulation and dispensing from certified pharmacists. Leads to a world where gangs can no longer profit.

The plant grows from the ground and needs very little maintenance. It could be just the thing to help save our NHS. 

boris johnsons great grandfather was a turkish politician
IMPRESSIVE HISTORY – Boris Johnson’s great grandfather was a great Turkish politician. Will his ancestor show the courage needed to legalise cannabis?! Let’s hope so.

In the Meantime…

While we wait for politicians and policymakers to pull up socks. You can get the most effective CBD oils right here.

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