Does CBD Oil Affect Your Dreams? Many Peo…

Does CBD Oil Affect Your Dreams? Many Peo…

Have you noticed any changes to your dreaming after using CBD oil? Many people are coming forward with stories of increased lucid dreaming & better recall. 

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cbd oil and dreaming

Stop Yawnings, Improve Mornings

CBD oil for us at CanaXen has always had an alerting effect. An awesome natural alternative to coffee, that stops the yawns.

“it is clear that pure CBD in low to moderate doses is alerting, some Califonians are using CBD to replace Caffiene”

Ethan Russo Ph.D. – Neuroscientist & Director of R & D at the International Cannabis & Cannabinoids Institute

Odd then that we should be discussing its power on sleep and dreaming. Not so!

From as far back as 2011 when we first started making oils. Our founder heard how CBD had assisted sleep for many customers.

cbd oil for sleep and dreams
CHEW BACCA or CBD GUMMIES? – Many people are reporting more lucid dreaming and better dream recall from CBD but it not all kinds of CBD that seem to be causing this effect.

CBD, In Your Dreams

People would seek CBD oil for certain issues. But be pleasantly surprised with something unexpected like sleep improvements.

What did shock us, however, were reports about CBD and dreams. This is something we have heard very little of until recently.

“The most important thing is to sleep eight hours the night before a shoot but it’s hard because the mind gets anxious, so I use CBD oil & it helps me drift off.”

Allessandro Ambrosio – Victoria’s Secret Model

When we looked deeper what we found was rather exciting. It seems CBD has a profound and exciting effect on dreaming.

This effect does not seem to be true across the board. Most of the lucid dreamers used whole plant extract rather than CBD crystals!

So what is actually going on here if CBD acts as a wake-up aid?!

cbd effects lucid dreams
THINGS THAT GO TRUMP IN THE NIGHT – Dreams can be crazy experiences, with many CBD oil users now reporting very lucid memorable dreams anything is possible!

Dream On, THC

If you have ever consumed regular cannabis frequently. You may be aware that dreaming can be very much affected.

We do not suggest you try this at home to find out. Very little is actually known about this frequently reported phenomena.

“THC affects dreams. Stoners say they don’t have dreams but if they stop smoking for a few days, they are inundated with them.”

Dr. Jann Gumbiner Ph.D.

Apparently, we still dream whilst in THC affected REM sleep. But perhaps the mechanisms we use to recall nightly wanderings.

Are simply switched off when folk consume high levels of THC.

The High at Night

Studies have been conducted regarding this subject. Although few and far between some amazing insights have been noted.

“Feinberg, et al. (1975) reported reduced eye movement activity and less REM sleep in the THC condition. They also reported a REM rebound effect, that is more REM activity, on withdrawal from THC.”

Gumbiner Continued.

In the study, it suggests different levels of REM sleep. Cannabis bypasses the first layers by leaping straight to the deeper ones.

So we still dream we just don’t spend much time, if any. Basking in the relevant REM sleep level for dream recall.

“So there exists some scientific evidence that cannabis interferes with REM sleep.”

Gumbiner Finished

Fear not if you are a cannabis smoker, it is likely no damage being caused. But think of the amazing dreams you are missing.

Why not get into CBD oil and stop hurting your lungs with cannabis smoke! 

high thc cannabis stops dreaming?
Many high THC cannabis users report of losing the ability to recall dreams. Quite remarkable that its sister cannabinoid CBD seems to have the opposite effect!

Why Does CBD Do This?

What then could be causing the lucid dreaming? The answer lies in the oils themselves.

Crystal CBD mixed into olive oil or similar has become the norm. Most products you see today are the result of hundreds of people who have simply jumped on the CBD bandwagon and decided to ‘make their own’.

These oils may be a good wake-up and assist you in staying on your A game. They do not have the power of a whole plant extract.

cbd oil or crystal whole plant extract difference
ISOLATED INCIDENTS – Literally, anyone can create their own CBD crystal oil and while not bad for you, they rarely display noticeable results, unlike a Whole Plant Extract.

Why Whole Plant?

Products that contain everything from the incredible plant are simply better for you. Much like orange juice with bits in.

“Other influences can be operative with regards to dreaming, we can thank CBD for the better recall and lucidity i feel.”

Dr. Russo Said

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In a whole plant oil, you will find terpenes such as mycrene. This could be one of the reasons CBD oils are improving dreams.

Many studies have found that mycrene, as well as other terpenes and flavonoids. Have profound effects on the body.

“Specifically, most whole plant CBD extracts are rich in myrcene, producing the misimpression that CBD is sedating, that would also encourage sleep.”

He Finished.

These amazing compounds seem to affect systems from homeostasis to the ECS. Last but not least, sleep and dreaming.

Interestingly enough these are the compounds that give oranges, fruits, herbs their incredible flavours and tastes.

terpenes flavonoids for better dreaming?
POWERS COMBINED – All parts of the plant are needed for the full effect to be noticeable. Some parts may make you feel sleepy while others are alerting in a Whole Plant Extracted oil