CBD Oil & Hangovers, Does it Help?

CBD Oil & Hangovers, Does it Help?

We’ve all been there, head in hands foolishly declaring ‘never again’. Does CBD oil help hangovers & how?!

does cbd oil help hangovers

One Too Many Sir?

The dreaded hangover can be quite hard to endure. Hangover cures seem to be like butt holes. Everyone has one.

So how good would it be if there were a natural, safe way to recover. After drinking your own bodyweight in booze.

“It is balancing, a leveling, smoothing sensation in the body mostly, & an evenness of attention in the mind.”

Gabe Kennedy – NY Times

We cannot make medical claims for CBD, nor can any other vendor. It is against the law, we have to rely on Trustpilot reviews.

can cbd oil help a hangover
HARE OF THE DOOB – Many say CBD oil relieves many of the horrific side effects of an acute hangover sufferer. Sadly it does not undo the fashion mishaps from the night before.

CBD Oil Helps Hangovers?

You wake up and everything is still spinning. Your belly feels like you had battery acid on your chips last night.

“Can be identified by the vomit on last night’s clothes, the want to never eat or drink again, a great dislike for sunlight, & the need for a glass of water with many many aspirin.”

Urban Dictionary – Identifying a hangover victim in distress…

You reach for the CBD oil, open the top and boom – 1,2,3 your back in the room.

This is simply not the case I’m sorry to tell you. No single-use, instant hangover cure exists.

But you can ease the pain dramatically and CBD oil seems to assist with this. In a rather noticeable way in fact.

many say cbd has an alerting effect and briong you back into the room
BOOM YOUR BACK IN THE ROOM – Some say CBD oil can bring you around quickly after a raging hangover. Clearing the fog so to speak.

Traditional Remedies

Old school hangover ‘cures’ range from a full English breakfast to orange juice. The best way we have found, don’t drink.

Let’s face it, with a heatwave approaching. Most will be enjoying a drink or five then recovering in 30-degree heat.

“When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.” 

Henny Youngman – Comedian

In all our nine years making and perfecting our CBD oils. We have heard many anecdotal stories on the power of CBD.

No specifics they could land us in trouble. But it is safe to say if you get yourself a whole plant extracted CBD oil.

You will not suffer anywhere near as bad, just triple the amount suggested. Take it from experience.

this weekend gastonbury cbd oil revellers
GASTONBURY – This weekend hosts the much awaited Gastonbury festival, where revellers celebrate the life of Gaston from Disney’s timeless classic, Beauty & the Beast. Who knows why but hopefully they all took some CBD oil with them for Monday 😉

Any Science?

Studies done with mice and CBD have shown some interesting results. Some studies suggest a protective effect on the liver.

“More recent animal studies have shown that CBD may actually help to prevent some of alcohol’s toxic side effects”

Prof. Lilly Yang et al – Study Ref. PMC4112960 US National Library of Medicine

We must be careful here. Making any inference our products have these qualities is simply unlawful. 

“I am not as think, as you drunk I am”

Blog Author – Many times.

All we can say is do your own research on what CBD does in hundreds of clinical trials across Google.

Then find a whole plant extracted oil with proven third-party test results. Like ours.

Drink Responsibly

Here are a few pointers on reducing alcohol consumption  from the UK Association of Dietitians 

  • Set yourself a limit on how much you are going to drink on a night out or set yourself a budget of how much money you will spend.
  • Let your friends and family know you are trying to cut down so they can support you.
  • Always try to eat before you start drinking – eat before you go out for the evening or have a meal while you are out. Even a snack at work will help, for example, vegetable and bean soup, oatcakes or a smoothie.
  • Don’t drink alcohol purely because you are thirsty.

We particularly like the final point there, jokes aside there are some great guides here. Drink Responsibly!

beer goggles fixed by cbd oil
BEER GOGGLES – It is vitally important to be aware of beer goggles which can cause serious harm if wearers are left unsupervised.

Serious Note

Alcohol should not be laughed at nor ridiculed. Abuse can cause serious harm both mentally and physically.

Always act responsibly when drinking. And drink smart, always have plenty of bottled water during and after.

Try to take a whole plant extracted CBD oil during and after drinking also. You will notice the difference Immediately.

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