Ex Firefighters get License to Grow High CBD Hemp!

Ex Firefighters get License to Grow High CBD Hemp!

Blazing Squad

Back in April, a team of ex-firefighting suaddies launched their very first Hemp grow operation. Now in August, they are the first to be granted a full UK license to use the plant for cannabis & hemp oil.

The team responsible for extracting the CBD oils from the plants are three former Royal Marine commando’s who worked as firefighters on Jersey.

“It will allow us to supply products made using CBD with clear British Isles provenance to retailers and direct to the public. The market for CBD products is growing rapidly as it becomes increasingly recognised for its nutritional benefits and for general wellbeing.”

David Ryan – Jersey Hemp Chief Exec

Currently, the law states hemp can be grown under strict license conditions. End-use is incredibly restricted, according to the law, the flowers or leaves of the hemp plant cannot be used.

Only for animal feed or fuel for the bonfire.

What had inspired them initially was the incredible properties of ‘Hempcrete’ a building material made from Hemp. Among its amazing properties are its fire resistance and the high insulation it can offer.

GREEN CRACK COMMANDO’S – The team of former Royal Marines was working as firefighters on Jersey when they were suddenly hit with the idea like a bong to the brain.

Firey Subject

Recently the hemp use for CBD oil and cannabis concentrates has been a very hot topic. We have seen the closure of a number of businesses including the destruction of 300,000 legal hemp plants in the south of England for this exact reason.

Hemp farmers Patrick Gillet and Ali Silk launched a national campaign to have the decision repealed. But crops were destroyed by the Home Office for breach of license and making CBD directly from the hemp.

 “Two hemp farmers in Oxfordshire destroyed 16 hectares of hemp crop because the Home Office said they were no longer allowed to harvest it for CBD oil”

The Guardian

So this news from Jersey comes as both a surprise and hopefully a good sign of things to come. Once a precedent is set the law typically has to allow others to follow, we can only hope.

A few weeks ago we reported on the potential that Boris Johnson may actually choose to legalise cannabis completely. This would open the way for CBD oils with THC included in small amounts.

Everyone worth their salt knows that THC is needed for effective oils against serious issues. Even in just tiny amounts…

cbd oil ban eu isolate
FOOLS GOLD – Starting material is vital for a Whole plant Extract. Literally anyone can add crytalised CBD to olive oil and sell it a low price. They can also sell you snake oil and simply call it CBD oil!

CBD oil is Usually Made From?

You may wonder then, where on earth UK CBD oil currently comes from. If you buy the cheaper CBD oils typically with a clear or very light colouration you will be buying crystalised powered CBD alone, mixed into another cheaper carrier oil. 

These oils can come from literally anywhere on the glode and studies have found them to be far less effective. This is due to something called the Entourage Effect which can only be found from whole plant extracts.

“The current value of the UK CBD oil market sits at around £300m in sales every year. This is predicted to increase to £1 billion by 2025”


Undoubtedly some products out there will not even meet the basic health and safety requirements our government would enforce had it been grown or made in the UK. Not long ago we reported on this very issue – some CBD oils were being made from toxic hemp sourced from China. 

We have always said it is best to use whole plant extracted CBD oils that have been made in the UK from EU legal and certified hemp. 

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Whole Plant CBD is Best

We use legal, high CBD hemp from the EU organically grown by fully regulated hemp farmers. We make our final oils and products right here in our UK lab to ensure quality and perfection can be guaranteed.

We produce and refine our oils via the CO2 extraction process which is the safest and most pure way to pull the goodness out. Combined with our very own hot/cold extraction method unique to us.

This leads to the finest whole plant extracted CBD oils that have become among the most effective products in the UK. Just Google CanaXen & Trustpilot… 


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