Family Moves For Cannabis

Family Moves For Cannabis

We are trapped living abroad! Says the Mother who moved to the Netherlands for cannabis oil to treat her severely ill child.

moving abroad for cannabis medicine

Illegally Alive

Julie Galloway used to live happily in Scotland with seven-year-old Alexa. Her daughter has epilepsy as well as a rare brain condition.

Both conditions are helped considerably by cannabis.

“I have no other option. I miss my family. My mother and my sister are in Scotland – but my child comes first.”

Julie Galloway – Speaking to BBC News.

Unable to get the vital medicine here in the UK they went to live with relatives in Rotterdam.  Where cannabis is freely available.  

“I feel like a refugee forced to live abroad to save my child.”

She Finished.

Almost one year ago, they are still living out of a suitcase and funds have nearly run dry. But if Julie returns home she fears arrest.

family mopves abroad to get vital cannabis medicine
Julies daughter Alexa needs cannabis oil for relief, nothing else comes close.

Doctors Unwilling to Prescribe

In the UK, cannabis was made available to those who can afford it. At £600-700 a month it is still rather hefty.

But still, Julie found doctors would not even consider prescribing cannabis for her daughter.

“I want to come home but I am terrified the medication will be confiscated. I am struggling to pay for it and I know this can’t go on forever.”

Julie Told the BBC

UK medicinal cannabis extracts are currently unlicensed. This means prescription only if a patient has a need that cannot be met.

They can also refuse to allow access to medicinal cannabis when they feel that the patient is too young. As with Alexa.

doctors unwilling to prescribe medical cannabis in the uk
Sadly if you want man-made drugs that can harm young children & adults alike – they are freely available. Medicinal cannabis can help so many, yet so few actually get access.

Conventional Meds – Harmful

Julie said that Alexa deteriorated “very quickly” on medication which was causing serious side-effects.

“I witnessed her lose basic skills – such as standing and drinking from a cup as well as walking – within weeks of being in hospital,”

Julie said.

Alexa was taking rescue medication frequently. Medication for seizure recovery and only occasional use.

It suppressed breathing and major respiratory discomfort.

“I knew the medication wasn’t working but doctors kept her on it anyway despite her still having daily seizures.”

She finished.

Alexa suffered over 850 major seizures in 2018 and spent seven months in hospital. After some research, Julie found cannabis oil.

She realised the oil was being used by children with epilepsy and Rett Syndrome. The same conditions her daughter suffers from.

alexa having to live in amsterdfm
Julie 7 her daughter Alexa are doing ok now they have access overseas but funds are rapidly running out. Changes to the current system are needed. And Fast.

A New Little Person

She went on to tell the BBC her daughter seemed transformed. From the very first time she tried the controversial medicine.

“She has been on it for few months now and is slowly healing. She can drink from a cup again, and can stand and take a few steps.”

Julie said.

“Cannabis is not a miracle cure, but it is certainly giving my child and me a better quality of life.”

She finished.

When Alexa’s condition stabilises Julie intends to return to Scotland. She wants to fight the situation and get her oil prescribed legally.

She also added that the way they had previously been living. Was no longer an option and cannabis oil is a must.

Full story here.

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CBD Oil or Cannabis Oil?

There are some key differences between CBD oil and cannabis oil. Cannabis oil will always contain THC and usually in high quantities.

For many conditions where cannabis is the only option, THC and or THCA appears to be vital.

In the UK CBD oil must contain below the 0.2% EU threshold. But if you buy whole plant extracted CBD oil you will be getting just as much goodness, minus the THC obviously!

Most CBD you see in shops or online will simply contain crystalised CBD in a mixer such as olive oil.

Aside from tasting horrific, it will likely have little to no noticeable effect.