Grow Cannabis Legally? It Won’t be lon…

Grow Cannabis Legally? It Won’t be lon…

For many, it is a life’s dream to grow cannabis free of criminality. According to a BBC report, it could be a reality.

isle of man grows cannabis for shits and giggles

Isle of Mangled

In a recent BBC news story. It was reported that 95% of Isle of Man residents were in favour of medical cannabis production.

“There is very strong support on the Isle of Man for allowing cannabis to be grown for medicinal use, a public consultation confirmed.”

BBC News

After I picked myself up from the chair I fell from. I read deeper into the story and found it to be an incredibly exciting prospect.

“The consultation attracted an overwhelming 3,285 responses”

Health Minister David Ashford 

Sadly it was not a militant group of hardcore cannabis smokers conquering the island. Making their demands known.

Actually, it was regular everyday residents of the peaceful Island. And that is what makes this so exciting. 

isle of man wants medical cannabis to be grownthere
HIGH SOCIETY – It was not a militant band of stoners demanding cannabis, but regular everyday people young & old!

Going Mainstream

Clearly, these are seismic shifts in general popular opinion. Cannabis has long been the center of an unfair smear campaign.

But now things are seriously changing for the common good.  

Chill Out, Man

The document that was sent out to all residents. requested their views on a number of cannabis-related issues.

  • 36% backed Doctors given more freedom to prescribe cannabis.
  • The ability to buy medicinal cannabis over the counter at pharmacies was supported by 55%
  • However, 62% were not in favour of the drug being prescribed to children.

“Responses were amongst the highest received since the government introduced the system two years ago”

Mr Ashford said.

The “Overwhelming” response was a heartening sign. That compassion is again returning to our society.

We don’t think it will be long before medical cannabis fills the Island. The Isle of Man even has its own currency.

That currency could soon change into cannabis!

cannabis could be the njew currency on the isle of man
GOLDEN NUGGETS – The Isle of Man has always been famed for its own currency, could cannabis replace it?!

Cannabis on Prescription?!

Cannabis for medical reasons “where patient needs cannot be met otherwise” Was made available on prescription in 2018.

However, shocking figures show that very few people have actually applied for it. Is this because there is actually no need for it?

“The UK is the world’s largest supplier of legal cannabis, but we somehow face a shortage of the drug”

The Guardian – Regarding the fact the UK is the worlds biggest cannabis producer

Certainly not, the need is greater than it has ever been. Clearly, the government is happy that very few know this option exists.

When many of the front benches benefit financially. From the production of cannabis themselves! Read more.

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CBD Oil Everywhere

The new super craze sweeping the states currently is CBD oil. Companies adding CBD to all kinds of products like Ben & Jerry’s.

“More than 300,000 Britons now use a cannabis food supplement CBD on a regular basis.”

The Guardian

But CBD oil and cannabis oil are different. CBD oil in the UK must contain zero THC, in serious medical cases, THC is required.

But, for all-round general health and well being. A whole plant extract oil can be really effective.

Read the Full BBC Report Here