Huge £4 Million Cannabis Factory… in Scunthorpe

Huge £4 Million Cannabis Factory… in Scunthorpe

Police say former Cold Storage warehouse used for £4 MILLION cannabis factory, is the ‘Biggest in 30 years’

cannabis factory scunthorpe
IN PLAIN SIGHT – The former cold storage warehouse was directly opposite one of Europes biggest car parts manufacturers. Possibly for years…

Big Money in Scunny

Police have described it as one of the biggest in 30 years. A £4m factory set-up Pablo Escobar himself would be proud of.

The discovery was made in a commercial area of Scunthorpe. 15,000 high potency cannabis plants set for UK streets.

“It is certainly the biggest drugs operation in this area in 30 years of working; we have never seen a factory this big.”

Humberside Police

Known for steel rather than global scale cannabis op’s. The sleepy yet endearing town woke to the revelations Wednesday.

Authorities arrested three people found at the scene. It is believed a far bigger operation or criminal gang is behind it.

pablo escobar in scunthorpe
BIG MONEY IN SCUNNY – The set up housed 15,000 cannabis plants with a street value of over £4 Million…

Handy for Munchies

The former cold storage facility turned global weed warehouse. Previously stored choccy bars, popcorn and ice cream.

One might say all the ingredients for a high stoner pie. Yet sadly for the weed workers there wasn’t a tub of Nutella in sight.

“Logistically, it will be a challenge as a force as it will take a lot to dismantle. However, at this point we are recovering the forensics and will carry out investigations accordingly and thoroughly look into and identify who is responsible for the set-up of this operation”

Humberside Police

Designed for storing food at very low temperatures. The climate-controlled factory was a perfect cover for heat helicopters.

It is currently unknown who actually owns the property. To have no idea what was going on would be a hard one to believe.

drugs factory in scunthorpe
GOT THE MUNCHIES – The would-be cannabis factory housing 15,000 cannabis plants used to be home to chocolate bars and ice-cream, perfect for when the munchies strike…

The Real Cost

On a serious note, the three workers arrested were of Vietnamese descent. Possibly victims of human trafficking gangs.

Modern-day slaves who are put to work in such factories. It is unlikely they would even know the people above them.

“Unfortunately, this is not uncommon Vietnamese men come to the country and are promised one thing and they get here and are forced into slave labour”

Humberside Police

Gangs who run and operate these factories are typically international. Huge drug cartels who are always dodging the law.

The money generated by these facilities goes directly to illegal activities. From gun and people trafficking to terrorism.

scunthorpe factory of cannabis found
FULL-TIME JOB – One section of the 15,000 cannabis plants found in various stages of growth, worth an estimated £4 million

The Solution?

Two words, legalisation and regulation of cannabis. While not the most popular idea known to man or older folks.

It makes sense, & the government is to be persuaded. By a cannabis activist appointed as an advisor by the prime minister.

“Blair Gibbs worked as the PM’s policing aide when he was Mayor of London – and joins from the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis campaign group”

Sun Newspaper

In a world of cannabis in licensed pharmacies. Grown by licensed & regulated farmers providing consistency and safety.

Then the price of cannabis could be dropped to way below the profitable margin. To perhaps £10 for what is usually £40.

That would stop international gangs using our old warehouses & slave labour. Because it would not make them any money.

will boris johnson choose to legalise cannabis
PHAT J’S – It is unclear if Boris Johnson supports cannabis legalisation but Crispin Blunt who was very much behind his campaign for PM and says he has discussed the matter with the now PM. His latest selection for advisor has many cannabis activists excited…

Will Boris Legalise?!

Over in the states, some commentators have said Trump may go for cannabis legalisation. To win his 2020 election bid.

Perhaps Boris will take the same stance as his orange compadre. The tories have always struggled to win the youth vote!

But could this be the man to fully legalise cannabis? Who knows what he will do, but all the signs are looking good.

Many say such a move could even save the NHS with the revenue generated.

one of the rooms found at cannabis fatory
HIGH ON ELECTRIC – The huge power usages of the factory must have been overlooked due to the fact it was an industrial unit.

Final Thoughts

Interesting to see where the millions made from drugs starts life. Scary however, is the thought of where that money goes.

Legalisation could remove a lot this gang activity from our towns. But for now, stay safe and stick to the legal stuff.

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