Lady gets Lifetime Ban for Travelling with CBD Oil…

Lady gets Lifetime Ban for Travelling with CBD Oil…

A Canadian woman was sensationally detained and banned from the USA simply for bringing CBD oil with her to the states.

The young lady who uses the oil for a condition called scoliosis believed that because cannabis is now legal in Canada AND Washington state, she would be fine its the non-psychoactive counterpart.

 I felt like a criminal and they seemed like, ‘Oh, here’s another pothead using this’ I didn’t feel like I was treated with respect on it, considering it’s for a medical purpose

Sadly she was badly mistaken when the oil was confiscated on US entry by officers at the border in Washington.

Not only that she was refused entry, banned from the USA permanently and landed herself a nice $500 fine.

UNFAIR OVERKILL – Officers not only confiscated the lady but fined her $500 and a lifetime ban

But Cannabis is Legal in US?!

Sadly this is not the case at all, while some states have either legalised fully or just for medical uses the plant remains illegal at the federal level.

This has caused a great deal of confusion for visitors to the United States, months ago we reported on an airport CBD oil confiscation and ban.

 There seems to be a lot of confusion with Canadians entering the US with regards to CBD and THC and all the derivatives from marijuana

Immigration Lawyer Lee Saunders

A lot more clarity is needed in the United States and many places around the world, this is not the first time it has happened.

Many think Trump may legalise cannabis completely at the federal level just to ensure his 2020 election win but we will have to wait and see.

PIGS MAY FLY – Trump may be forced to legalise cannabis fully simply to win the next election some experts are saying…

Holiday From Hell

The young lady, who has asked not to be identified pending the outcome of an application for reentry, hopes that her experience will educate others and hopefully prevent the same thing happening to them.

Thousands of Canadian nationals have been refused entry to the U.S. just for admitting they smoked a joint once.

Many have been banned from entering the US for life for bringing regular cannabis to the border.

The way things stand currently and due to federal law, anyone found carrying CBD into the US could face the same penalties.

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Holidays | Be Careful

Ok, so the holiday season is ending with September just on our doorstep. Even so, if you are heading abroad be mindful of the laws in your destination country.

We have always kept our CBD oils in checked luggage. At the end of the day, CBD oils cannot contain THC which is the illegal part of the plant.

“Officials will only let you through if you can show you have been prescribed CBD by a doctor and don’t have more than three month’s supply.”

Express Paper – Carrying CBD in Hand Luggage

If customs officers do see a bottle which may or may not contain what you say it does, likelihood is they will confiscate it anyway.

So if you really do need to take it with you, make sure to check local laws, if it clearly states CBD to be illegal just don’t take the risk, and keep it in your checked luggage!