Legalise Cannabis, Reduce Crime Says Tory Think Tank

Legalise Cannabis, Reduce Crime Says Tory Think Tank

Tory think tank says legalising cannabis would reduce crime & boost the economy. What do you think?!

legalising cannabis could reduce crime

Cannabis Crimebusters

When a respected government think tank says legalising cannabis could solve the knife and gang crime epidemic.

You have to sit up and listen. They also say that full cannabis legalisation is not a question of if but when.

“The best way for the next Tory government to tackle serious youth violence and knife crime is to legalise cannabis”

The Adam Smith Institute

Adam Smith Institute is a tory led, non-profit group. With liberal views regarding social & economic change.

They have the ear of Boris Johnson and chums. Clearly, they will advise the next conservative government.

legalising cannabis could halt serious crime says tory think tank
THE DANK KNIGHT – Cannabis may seem a strange crime fighter but experts believe full legalisation could just be what we need – lets us explain why…

Green Light for Green

The report calls for a Colorado-style free market. Over there legalisation has transformed the community for the better.

They want public health ideas similar to the Canadian model. Such as better education and label warnings.

‘The Green Light – how legalising and reg cannabis will reduce crime, protect children and improve safety’

Governmental Cannabis Report – Adam Smith Institute

The positivity we feel to see such an organisation speaking such sense. Actively pushing for positive changes. 

green light report explains why cannabis could change the uk for better
THE GREEN LIGHT – Their report shows how this new industry will take shape as well as its POTential benefits.

What They Smoking?!

You may be thinking these individuals have simply gone mad. But you’d be wrong and there are some good reasons why.

In Colorado, cannabis has been fully legal since 2014. The results are pretty staggering.

Cannabis taxes are spent on public school projects, human services, public affairs, agriculture, labour & employment, judicial affairs, health care policy, transportation and regulatory affairs”

YAHOO Finance Report – READ MORE

Everybody’s Happy

Every aspect of the community benefits. In the first year, Colorado made so much money it returned it to the citizens.

Violent crime & gang activity dropped too. Worth considering – if the government made their own cannabis.

Reduced the cost to below what is considered profitable.  It would be impossible for gangs to sell & make money!

Legal Framework

The Adam Smith Institute has outlined what it see’s as the framework to this new industry –

  • Advertising and branded packaging to be allowed (though not TV or radio) to signal product quality and safety.
  • Cannabis to be sold in “pharmacies like Boots” and via dedicated licensed outlets, as well as online and on mobile apps, but with buyers having to show age-appropriate ID.
  • People involved in the illegal cannabis industry to be offered pathways to transfer to the legal market and previous cannabis convictions to be expunged to limit the damage criminal records cause to life chances.
  • The free market to be responsible for production and retail, rather than the state, to avoid shortages that drive a persistent black market.
  • Products to include edibles and vape concentrate, to move people away from tobacco-mixed joints.
  • Tax to be used as a lever to deter high-potency skunk by taxing higher potency strains at a higher rate, much like duties on whiskey versus beer.
  • Canadian-style product warnings on the packaging to alert users on the impact of cannabis on mental health.
  • Taxes to be kept low so retail prices compete with the black market, with tax proceeds partially used to fund addiction services.
cannabis could make it unprofitable for gangs to sell
STREET WEED – Many say that growing cannabis as a nation would reduce cannabis prices & would no longer be profitable for the gangs who are selling it wholesale. This, in turn, could reduce violent crime, especially knife crime…

In The Green

One major factor that we find very promising. Is the amount of revenue the legalisation of cannabis would generate.

In Colorado, the 50+ million made in the first year went way above the profit allowance for the local authority.

“The state constitution puts a cap on the amount of tax money that can be taken in before some has to be returned, meaning Coloradans saw a share of the $50 million generated by sales of recreational cannabis”

The Guardian

Cannabis – Our Saviour?

In the UK the same thing could happen. Experts claim a legal cannabis market could be worth upwards of £2 billion.

At a time when Brexit looms, financial experts say a huge financial downturn is imminent.

Cannabis, it seems, really could be our saviour on many different fronts.

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Could it Save the NHS?!

From another angle, some experts say cannabis legalisation would really help the NHS. Some say it could save it.

Again, with Colorado. They saw a huge drop in deaths from prescription drugs as well as fewer hospital admissions.

We will discuss this in further detail in our upcoming weekend blog. Get the most effective CBD oil in the UK here.