Medical Cannabis on Prescription UK? Perhaps not…

Medical Cannabis on Prescription UK? Perhaps not…

Well, I never believed I would actually utter the words, you can now get medical cannabis on prescription in the UK. Yet here we are! Or are we…medcial cannabis on prescription uk


Medical Cannabis on prescription? Too good to be true? Maybe.

Make no bones about it, medical cannabis on prescription is awesome & MONUMENTAL. Just be aware there are conditions and regulations that could still prevent you from getting your medicine. We will cover all of these ‘conditions’ further on in the blog post.

Back in 2011 when our company founder started the very first CBD oil company in the UK it looked impossible. Yet here we are, after a huge amount of pressure from a rapidly changing society. Last week poll’s suggested that over 60% of the British public were in favour of cannabis legalisation.

Nearly 70% said that they would gladly use medical cannabis on prescription on recpommendation from a doctor. To think our founder was laughed at for suggesting this possibility now seems rather silly.

What a time to be alive you would think with Canada legalising cannabis, half of America now accepting the plant. Most of Europe has either legalised medical cannabis or rapidly warming to the idea.

It should now be possible for millions of people to get the proper medical care and assistance they have been longing for. But it is not that straightforward, let’s be honest, who really thought it would be.

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Only specialist doctors can prescribe Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis on prescription | Background story 

Back in July 2018 Home Secretary Sajid Javed announced the changes to make medical cannabis on prescription in the UK. Initially, we were skeptical about this. There have been many occasions where rumours or parliamentary hearings have brought us nothing but false hope.

Back in July 2018 the government was bombarded with requests from concerned celebrities and members of the public. What they wanted was a change in the law allowing the use of vital cannabis oil for kids like Billy Caldwell and Alfie Dingly.

Both children need this vital medicine (a specific mix of CBD and THC). It was the only thing that doctors could give the two boys to halt their seizures.

After some time it became clear to the Home Secretary that a sensible framework was needed. A change to the law to put medical cannabis on prescription for ALL those who desperately need it.

Medical Cannabis on prescription | How it works

We will summarise the process of getting medical cannabis on prescription for you below. For those wishing to view the government’s official statement click here.

Medical cannabis on prescription is a brave new territory for patients and doctors alike. We feel this whole process has been made difficult purposefully. The uncertainty surrounding this relaxation in the archaic laws is the fault of the government. Patients will be affected by the lackluster way this issue has been handled.

Make sure you read to the end to hear Alfie’s mum Hannah explain the new legislation in real words.

How to get Medical Cannabis on prescription | They Say

Anyone can go to a specialist doctor and request cannabis medicine for their condition. The doctor can decide medical cannabis on prescription if they agree with the patient. This prescription can be taken to a licensed supplier or a specialist pharmacy where the medicine is dispensed. You can also go to your GP and he can make the recommendation to a specialist doctor.

How to get Medical Cannabis on prescription | In Reality

‘Anyone’ can get medical cannabis on prescription through a specialist doctor where there is an ‘unmet need’. While this is rather vague, in reality, it means you can go to your doctor with a condition you feel cannabis can help with and the doctor makes the call.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it! Well, the process is anything but. The doctor prescribing cannabis will need to be approved by a panel of experts following an application. There are currently zero licensed doctors in my area and this will probably be the case for you.

Once the doctor is licensed he can then offer cannabis medicine on prescription. Essentially an oil containing CBD and or THC which has been tested, proved to be safe etc. There are currently no such products available aside from GW pharmaceuticals ‘Epidiolex‘ for epilepsy specifically. This product will not be available in the UK until May next year.

Applications for medical cannabis on prescription

If you are a doctor or you want your doctor to apply to become a specialist doctor you can do so here and simply email it to this address –

If you wish to import your cannabis medicine then you can view the renewed governmental guidelines here


Medical Cannabis panel of experts

medical cannabis on prescription experts


To summarise

What this really means is it will all take forever and a day to get medical cannabis on prescription. If you are waiting for epilepsy relief like Alfie and Billy then you could be waiting until Epidiolex is made available next year. It may warm your heart, however, to realise most of the conservative front bench particularly Theresa May, have shares in GW Pharmaceuticals. A company who for over ten years has grown cannabis in the fields of England for medicinal products overseas. While we the people of the UK are told it has zero medical benefits. Truly staggering and horrific hypocrisy from those in positions of power.

We felt it necessary to add little Alfie’s mum’s heartfelt video regarding these new laws below. It is important for all concerned to remember the human reason why these laws need changing further.

Dont just sit and wait for medical cannabis on prescription…

Don’t just sit and wait for your medical cannabis on prescription, come to us!

While our products cannot contain THC by law. We DO NOT make comparisons to Alfie nor Billy’s oils. We simply offer some of the best CBD products in the world.

Our oils are a whole plant extract and CO2 extraction combined bringing you the entire plant and its benefits.

While the government continues to make a total mess of this delicate situation. We are still here as we have been since 2011, for you.

So watch this space, it could be some time before the real dram of legalised medical cannabis is actually realised.

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