Ozzy Osbourne Loves his CBD

Ozzy Osbourne Loves his CBD

Just weeks after being rushed into hospital for a severe bout of pneumonia. The Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne now uses CBD for relief and recuperation!

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Ozzy Re-born.

Never a dull moment in the Osbourne household. At least that was how it appeared on their reality TV show years ago.

I always wondered how Ozzy managed to stay active and alert. Now we know why!

“He’s had a really tough year”

Ozzy’s wife Sharon said on Loose Women.

sharon osbourne on loose women
Sharon took to the set of Loose Women and discussed Ozzy’s health scare and use of CBD oil!

Three weeks ago the rock legend was rushed into intensive care. After a chest infection, he developed pneumonia and upon returning home he had a fall.

Aside from his amazing wife Sharon taking care of him. He has turned like many of us, to CBD oil and the incredible benefits it holds.

“It started off with flu, which went to bronchitis, which went to pneumonia. He was hospitalised, came out, he was well on the road to recovery, and he gets up in the middle of the night to go to the loo for his…”

Smiling, Sharon continued

“on the way back, he tripped up on the carpet that was under our bed and fell against the corner of the night table, which is made of mirror.”

Sharon explained his latest fall.

ozzy osbourne uses cbd oil
Black and Blue Sabbath! Sadly Ozzy will have to cancel some of his tour dates but we think he will be back to fighting fit quickly now thanks to his new oil.

Tours Cancelled

According to Ozzy’s wife Sharon, he was recovering from the illness at home. Got up in the night and fallen into a mirror-topped table.

The resulting injury meant the legendary rock star had to cancel upcoming tour dates. Penned for Europe, Australia, and North America.

He will sadly now miss them all unless CBD can work a miracle! Fingers firmly crossed 😉

CBD Oil to Recuperate

Sharon, Ozzy’s wife, was asked she feared her husband may become addicted to painkillers. He’s off all that she replied.

This time he has decided to use CBD oil she added. Instead of the powerful pain killers, the doctors often prescribe.

“He’s in terrible pain, and his pain is, he’s not good at being at home. He wants to be back on the road, back on his tour, back with his band, and he’s pining. Really, the challenge is not his injuries, it’s his state of mind to keep him positive and working.”

She continued…

“now for pain, he has that CBD oil —whatever it’s called — and he’s dealing with it that way.”

Sharon finshed.

Watch the whole interview below.

Other Celebs Using CBD

1 Michael J Fox

Back to the Future star Fox has been using CBD oil in the hope of alleviating Parkinson’s. Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research found a high amount of cannabinoid receptors located in the human basal ganglia. A group of brain cells responsible for movement and affected by Parkinson’s.

2 Nate Diaz

American MMA fighter currently signed with UFC. Diaz openly smoked his vape pen at the post-match press conference. Diaz admitted to smoking CBD and hoping it will support the healing process & reduce inflammation. He says it helps him focus during fights and training.

3 Rihanna 

Selling over 250 million records worldwide in her career. Rihanna is one of the best-selling musicians of human history!

Aside from that Rihanna is open about her use of cannabis and advocates wider legalisation and usage.

4. Sir Patrick Stewart

When he isn’t trying to save the world, or the galaxy no less. The X-men and Star Trek legend uses cannabis oils to help with his arthritis.

The star has previously told reporters that he applies it daily to the problem areas. He also said he had bought edibles and cannabis spray.

Go-on Sir Patrick, you are the man.

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