hemp grown in china may have pollutants

Toxic CBD Oil Flooding UK Market From Oversea’s

Whole plant extract or cheap alternative?! A Shocking report says it's far more important than you realise. Canabi-Diabolical As with any new trend there comes a point where everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Aiming to make their millions. In reality, many are simply flooding the market. With low end, potentially toxic CBD oils that do … Continue reading Toxic CBD Oil Flooding UK Market From Oversea’s

can cbd oil help a hangover

CBD Oil & Hangovers, Does it Help?

We've all been there, head in hands foolishly declaring 'never again'. Does CBD oil help hangovers & how?! One Too Many Sir? The dreaded hangover can be quite hard to endure. Hangover cures seem to be like butt holes. Everyone has one. So how good would it be if there were a natural, safe way … Continue reading CBD Oil & Hangovers, Does it Help?

will boris johnson choose to legalise cannabis

Cannabis Legal Within 5 Years Says Ex-Tory

The Telegraph sensationally revealed ex-Tory, MP Crispin Blunt says cannabis will be fully legal within 5 years. Being Blunt Cannabis WILL be legal in 5 years says Crispin Blunt. The former conservative now leads an influential parliamentary group. “The public benefit from the United Kingdom pushing on with the science & supporting research could be … Continue reading Cannabis Legal Within 5 Years Says Ex-Tory

cbd oil and dreaming

Does CBD Oil Affect Your Dreams? Many Peo…

Have you noticed any changes to your dreaming after using CBD oil? Many people are coming forward with stories of increased lucid dreaming & better recall.   2 minute read Stop Yawnings, Improve Mornings CBD oil for us at CanaXen has always had an alerting effect. An awesome natural alternative to coffee, that stops the yawns. … Continue reading Does CBD Oil Affect Your Dreams? Many Peo…

isle of man grows cannabis for shits and giggles

Grow Cannabis Legally? It Won’t be lon…

For many, it is a life's dream to grow cannabis free of criminality. According to a BBC report, it could be a reality. Isle of Mangled In a recent BBC news story. It was reported that 95% of Isle of Man residents were in favour of medical cannabis production. "There is very strong support on … Continue reading Grow Cannabis Legally? It Won’t be lon…

moving abroad for cannabis medicine

Family Moves For Cannabis

We are trapped living abroad! Says the Mother who moved to the Netherlands for cannabis oil to treat her severely ill child. Illegally Alive Julie Galloway used to live happily in Scotland with seven-year-old Alexa. Her daughter has epilepsy as well as a rare brain condition. Both conditions are helped considerably by cannabis. "I have … Continue reading Family Moves For Cannabis

patrick stewart uses cannabis

Sir Patrick & Cannabis

Set phasers to stun! Star Trek & X-Men hero Sir Patrick Stewart has revealed he uses cannabis regularly to relieve his arthritis. Cannabis, My Xavier In a revealing interview with the Telegraph, one of the UK's highly treasured actors Sir Patrick. Announced his use of cannabis. The X-men star suffers from bad arthritis in his … Continue reading Sir Patrick & Cannabis

pro athletes using cbd oil

Pro Athlete’s Turn to CBD Oil

Remember UFC fighter Nate Diaz using a CBD vape during a press conference? Now the worlds pro athletes are flocking to CBD oil too. The CBD Oil Athletes The CBD oil craze continues to sweep the globe. And it's latest high profile superfans seem to be the world of pro athletes. "It helps put our … Continue reading Pro Athlete’s Turn to CBD Oil

ozzy osbourne cbd oil

Ozzy Osbourne Loves his CBD

Just weeks after being rushed into hospital for a severe bout of pneumonia. The Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne now uses CBD for relief and recuperation! Ozzy Re-born. Never a dull moment in the Osbourne household. At least that was how it appeared on their reality TV show years ago. I always wondered how Ozzy … Continue reading Ozzy Osbourne Loves his CBD

cbd oil in the uk

CBD Oil in the UK

As one of the first companies to offer CBD Oil in the UK we thought we would share a little about its history. What different CBD oils really are, what to watch out for & what to expect from your oil. CBD Oil in the UK | Essential Guide CBD oil in the UK is … Continue reading CBD Oil in the UK