Pro Athlete’s Turn to CBD Oil

Pro Athlete’s Turn to CBD Oil

Remember UFC fighter Nate Diaz using a CBD vape during a press conference? Now the worlds pro athletes are flocking to CBD oil too.

pro athletes using cbd oil

The CBD Oil Athletes

The CBD oil craze continues to sweep the globe. And it’s latest high profile superfans seem to be the world of pro athletes.

“It helps put our bodies back together!”

Rugby Legends George Kruis & Dominic Day on CBD Oil – From The BBC Sport Website

Although initially driven home by sports sponsors. CBD clearly has a positive effect or the many hundreds of high profile users would not bother.

Its famous fanbase grows daily.

cbd oil used by mma fighters
MMA Fighters get some of the most brutal bodily punishment possible in sport & most now use CBD oil for relief and recuperation

CBD use will Explode…

One of CBD oils biggest advocates is MMA fighter Rampage Jackson. He thinks public perception will change for the better & CBD will be huge.

“It works, and it changed my life”

MMA Fighter Rampage Jackson

“I think people should educate themselves because whenever they hear anything about CBD they think of marijuana, and they think they’re going to get high and you don’t”

– Jackson told Yahoo Finance.

“Anything new, a lot of people are scared about it, but as time goes on, people are going to learn about it and it’s going to blow up.”

He finished.

rampage jackson uses cbd oil
MMA Hero Rampage Jackson has had a lifetimes worth of physical punishment & turns to CBD for relief.

Other Athletes Using CBD

Because it is THC rather than CBD that is tested prior to sporting events. Many sportspeople across the globe are turning to CBD.

  • George Kruis – UK Rugby Hero
  • Bubba Watson – Pro golfer
  • Dominic Day – UK Rugby Hero
  • David Ahrens – Retired NFL Player
  • Eddie Hall – World Strongest Man 2017
  • Gina Mazany – Female UFC Fighter
  • Kieran Kevan, Champion Bodybuilder
  • Ross Rebagilati – Canadian Olympian

If you are a professional sportsperson and use CBD you must ensure no THC is present.

Always choose a CBD oil that is third-party lab tested like CanaXen oils.

Status of (CBD) in UK sport?

Rather unexpectedly it has to be said. The UK Anti-Doping agency is clearly very up to date and has zero concerns with CBD on its own.

“CBD is not currently listed on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Prohibited List, and so is permitted to use in sport. All other cannabinoids (including, but not limited to, cannabis, hashish, marijuana, and THC) are prohibited in-competition.”

– Official UK Anti-Doping Agency Website

Obviously, THC is still prohibited and is rigorously tested for. With medical cannabis now available on prescription perhaps this will change.

uk anti dopin allows cbd
Luckily in the UK our sports people can use CBD oil without fear of reprisals – so long as THC is not present in tests!

High Times for Sport?

Clearly, any athlete who is stoned is going to struggle to run in a straight line. Let alone see his performance enhanced.

Even so, any UK athlete using THC rather than opioids. Would sadly still be prosecuted and or eliminated from professional sport.

We should not complain. Major progress is being made day by day!

CBD the Original Alternative

American hockey like any contact sport obviously has its casualties. Up to now, opiates have been the go-to for relief and recuperation.

This trend seems to be changing rapidly, however. After the FDA decriminalised hemp, allowing CBD oil to explode across the USA.

“We were given opiates by team doctors. Looking back, I’m surprised I’m still alive.”

Ryan VandenBusschePro NHL Hockey player Now using CBD instead of opiates

ice hockey stars use cbd oil
Ice hockey stars are also turning to CBD to help deal with the damage their bodies take week after week.

Opioid Epidemic

Over in the states and the UK to a lesser extent. There is an epidemic of opioid deaths and prescriptions are handed out like confetti it seems.

Last week we reported Ozzy Osbourne using CBD oils as an alternative to painkillers. Wife Sharon was concerned that opiates can lead to addiction.

There is little wonder many people are turning to CBD as a natural alternative. With no overdose limit and zero deaths!

opioid death epidemic helped by cbd
The opioid death epidemic is currently sweeping the states but many are hopeful CBD can help to reverse this trend. As it already has done in states like Colorado where CBD oil has been legal for years.

CBD – Performance Enhancing?!

Having been around CBD oil for well over 8 years we know it’s power. It’s restorative and energy boosting properties are part of the attraction.

Why then are hundreds of compounds viewed as performance enhancing? When CBD seems to be perfectly ok?

In our experience, many customers get a noticeable energy boost from products like RawHemp.

CanaXen CBD & UFC

At CanaXen we are proud to have former UFC champ Dan Hardy endorse our oils. Our extraction methods ensure our oils are super effective.

When choosing CBD oil you need a whole plant extract for the full entourage effect. And to supercharge the Endocannabinoid system!

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