Toxic CBD Oil Flooding UK Market From Oversea’s

Toxic CBD Oil Flooding UK Market From Oversea’s

Whole plant extract or cheap alternative?! A Shocking report says it’s far more important than you realise.

tyoxic cbd oil from abroad


As with any new trend there comes a point where everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Aiming to make their millions.

In reality, many are simply flooding the market. With low end, potentially toxic CBD oils that do nothing for you. 

“Toxic cannabis is grown on a large scale in regions of northern China, where it is exposed to airborne pollutants and smog-like black dust”

Jamie Micklethwaite – Daily Star

When you consider most people use CBD oil for illness. Using toxic oil will potentially make the situation worse. 

How do you navigate through the fog of misinformation? As one of the UK’s oldest CBD producers, allow us to guide you.

hemp grown in china may have pollutants
TOXIC SOIL, TOXIC HEMP – Experts say much of the CBD oil available in the UK will come from oversea’s hemp grown in polluted/toxic soil. It is cheaper when bought in bulk allowing vendors to offer ‘too good to be true‘ prices.

Toxic CBD – The Facts

The Daily Star reported the UK market was being ‘invaded’ by cheap, substandard CBD oil. Mostly originating in China.

Many vendors may not even be aware that their bulk UK supplier. Actually gets his stock from oversea’s. 

“While toxic CBD can come from anywhere in the world, the market is seeing cannabis heavily imported from China into Europe.”

Daily Star

The claim is that these oils come from hemp which contains contaminants. Many of them harmful from heavy industry.

Hemp absorbs nutrients but also pollutants. If grown in toxic soil or nutrients unflushed, toxic byproducts can remain.

cbd oil from overseas potentially toxic
CANABI-DIABOLICAL – The UK CBD Market is swamped with substandard CBD oils from oversea’s. All they need to do is buy bulk and & re-label. Always buy whole plant CBD oils made in the UK

CBD Oil Safety

There are many factors to consider when selecting the best oil for your needs. Below is a quick guide for you.

  • Extraction Method

The way CBD oil is extracted is vitally important. Some companies, particularly oversea’s will still use solvents like Isopropyl Alcohol to extract oil. This leaves behind contaminants harmful to health.

CO2 extraction is the method we use, which leaves behind zero contaminants & makes a far purer oil.

  • Starting Material

As mentioned earlier starting material is vital. Many vendors in the UK are using imported CBD products or hemp from places like China where soil & can be highly polluted.

We use EU grown hemp with zero pesticides in perfect soil & conditions. We also make it in our super clean UK Lab.

daily star report on toxic cbd in the uk
The Star broke the shocking story recently…
  • Lab Testing

Always choose a CBD oil that is third-party lab tested. This ensures the product is safe and contains what it says.

We use Fundacion Canna in Spain & have done for years. They are internationally respected & accurate.

  • Reviews

You must always select an oil that has been verified by proven customers on trusted sites like Trustpilot.

Choose a company like us with years of experience & helped thousands of people improve their lives

cbd oil ban eu isolate
FOOLS GOLD – Starting material is vital for a Whole plant Extract. Literally, anyone can add crytallised CBD to olive oil and sell it a low price. They can also sell you snake oil and simply call it CBD oil!

Back in the Day

When we first started CBD was only available overseas. At a huge expense and of questionable quality.

We started producing CBD oil with quality and purity in mind. We had our products first tested back in 2013.

That was 9 years ago now, fast forward to the present day. There are now thousands of CBD oil companies.

“Consumers are at risk due to the lack of transparency as to the origin of many questionable CBD products”

Jason Dussalt – Speaking to the Daily Star

dan hardy love canaxen cbd oil
FORMER UFC CHAMP – Dan Hardy loves CBD oil – listen to what he had to say about it by clicking the image above

Choose the Real Deal

Many offer incredibly low, basically impossible prices. We know from experience to make an oil that actually works.

You need a whole plant extract with ALL the goodies of the cannabis plant. Not just crystallised CBD in olive oil…

An effective whole plant extracted CBD oil takes time, expense and a LOT of experience. 

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