UK’s First CBD Restaurant Opens!

UK’s First CBD Restaurant Opens!

As the UK finally starts to thaw over mankind’s best friend in the plant kingdom, we take a look at the UK’s very first CBD restaurant!

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Cannabis Cuisine Anyone?!

The UK continues its CBD craze as Brighton becomes the first UK town to have its very own cannabis restaurant. From Canna Toast to the famous Buddha Bowl

Specialising in only vegan and vegetarian dishes, The Canna Kitchen opened its doors at the end of 2018.

“The UK’s first restaurant offering organic cannabinoid infused cuisine – Let food be thy medicine”

Taken from The Canna Kitchen website

Sam Evolution, the genius behind The Canna Kitchen. Said one of its many missions is to address the dated and incorrect stereotypes surrounding the incredible plant.

So will diners be flying high on cannabis pie? Not unless incredible tastes give you wings, all dishes comply with the maximum legal THC limit of 0.2%.

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You can find out more by clicking the image above

Hemp Cuisine

CBD oil has become a major fad in recent years but we welcome serious ideas such as the Canna Kitchen. All food is strictly vegetarian we must warm you.

On the same token, the menu looks incredibly appealing and sounds delicious. That is coming from a serious carnivore.

We think so long as you are getting your CBD, it doesn’t really matter the method!

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Click the image above to view their incredible menu!

CanaXen CBD Icecream on sale in London!

Only recently we discovered a very high-end ice cream manufacturer and seller based in Central London. Adding our very own Gold CBD oil to his cornets!

Not only do you taste the greatest icecream Italy has to offer – you get to feel better at the same time.

“My customers cannot get enough of our latest creation. We regularly sell out of the CBD range”

Icecream vendor Umberto told us

You can have a go at making your very own CBD icecream with our CBD oil recipes and creations blog.

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We love the fact that a high-class Italian ice-cream vendor in London adds our Gold oil to his cornets!

Cake, Coffee, Cannabis. Naturally.

And it’s not just Brighton getting the munchies. Many ‘Cannabis Cafes’ have popped up all over the UK.

The BBC recently did an article calling for strict controls surrounding CBD Cafes and labeling them Cannabis coffee shops.

Not a particularly helpful stance from the broadcasters considering how much CBD oil helps people.

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Why not add CBD oil to your own creations with our amazing blog. Click the image to view

Cannabis Cafes

One thing that clearly gets up peoples noses is cannabis cafes which offer not only CBD but THC also. Illegally.

At the end of the day, access to THC MUST happen. But if the law is simply flaunted then what else can we expect but tighter restrictions and regulations.

“The coffee wakes me up but the CBD shot helps to chill me out”

‘Bogwarts’ owner, Jeff Lang

One cafe in Wales is offering CBD shots which customers ‘snort’. Read more here!

A common sense attitude must prevail here or we risk throwing out the baby with the bath water.

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Not All That Glitters, is Gold

For the best results from CBD you need a whole plant extracted oil to get the full Entourage Effect and ignite the Endocannabinoid system in your body.

In the most effective whole plant extracts, you will find terpenes and flavonoids as well as cannabinoids.

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