UK’s First Cannabis Clinic Opens

UK’s First Cannabis Clinic Opens

Manchester has become the first city in the UK to open a clinic which will prescribe medical cannabis. In November 2018, Sajid Javid announced that medical cannabis can be prescribed to patients where there is a real need for it. Could Cannabis clinics start popping up all over the UK? Quite possibly.

uk first cannabis clinic

UK’s 1st Cana Clinic!

Currently, only a handful of patients have been prescribed medical cannabis on the NHS. The current guidelines set out by the government state that medical cannabis can only be prescribed by

a specialist doctor appointed by a committee.

Walk in, take a seat, come out happy…

Patients would need to seek approval from medical specialists and only when all other treatments have been exhausted. Medical cannabis cannot be prescribed by a regular GP as yet.

“Patients suffering from chronic pain and other serious and neurological or psychiatric conditions (will gain access to medical cannabis)

Professor Mike Barnes

The clinic which opened in Manchester will allow patients to access medical cannabis for a range of medical conditions. Patients will be charged around £200 to have a consultation with medical experts who are licensed to prescribe medical cannabis. Although treatments are looking rather expensive as we explain later in this piece.

The pioneering Doctor also hopes over time, people all over the UK will have access to this form of treatment.

uks cannabis clinics begin
Feel the force – Could cannabis clinics now start popping up all over the UK. At those prices, we are guessing so. Hopefully, specialist doctors will not join the dark side and make it unaffordable for regular folk!

UK Cana Clinic? | Prof Mike Barnes

Professor Mike Barnes is now the first doctor to offer medical cannabis with his Manchester clinic.

Mike helped the first patient in the UK get a medical cannabis license. Alfie, who suffers from a rare genetic form of epilepsy now has access to this life-changing treatment.

He has also been involved with GW Pharmaceuticals who make cannabis-derived medicine Sativex. A licensed drug already used in over 30 countries around the world.

Mike is a great ambassador for medical cannabis & we wish him the best of luck!

uk first cannabis clinic
The Beeches in Manchester where professor Mike aims to treat patients with medical cannabis prescriptions – a UK first!

Medical Cannabis UK? | Still issues

It seems that despite the reclassification of cannabis in the UK  Patients trying to access it are met with difficulty.

As it stands patients would have to be granted a license by a specialist doctor and not a GP. This has highlighted a range of contradictory obstacles facing patients looking to medical cannabis as treatment.

“The Beeches, a private centre in Cheadle, will charge £600-£700 for monthly prescriptions – what do you think?”

– London Social Cannabis Club

Some say the high price tag for such life-changing treatments is way too high at a rumoured £7-8k a year. 

uk first cannabis clinic
Professor & Neurologist Mike Barnes just before he appeared before UK Parliament to appeal for Cannabis Law Reform last year. Mike has been a pioneer of the movement for some years

Medical Cannabis | Postcode Lottery?

Despite the UK’s revised position on medical use cannabis. It seems that only a handful of individuals have been given the NHS green light thus far.

So for thousands up and down the country needing access what does this mean? NHS England will only prescribe when all other options have been exhausted.

Another aspect which is causing difficulty is finding a medical specialist who is willing to prescribe or get licensed. The medical centre in Manchester is one option, but this comes at a cost.

Many thousands in UK now buy CBD products from a variety of retailers. While the UK government remain confused about the medical benefits of cannabis products.

Many thousands are already benefiting from its powerful counterpart – CBD oil..