What are Flavonoids?

What are Flavonoids?

There are hundreds of incredible components in hemp & cannabis and we are always banging on about them. For good reason too. Some of the most therapeutic compounds it produces are Flavonoids…

what are flavonoids

What are Flavonoids?

There seems to be no end to natures power and the incredible compounds she has created. Which leads us to Flavonoids, they are responsible for all the vibrant colours in the plant kingdom.

They make the fruit and veg and plants we adore look irresistible. And there is a reason mother nature made them so attractive to our eyes. They are also incredibly good for us.

“Flavonoids are characterised as a plant pigment that is found in many fruits and flowers. Widely recognised to affect a range of vital systems in the body”

Dr Danielle Anderson ND,MAc,LAc, RDH

What are Flavonoids called by brainy people? Phytonutrients! They are present in almost all fruits and vegetables. And here are over 6000 types of Flavonoids out there.

what are flavonoids good for
Flavonoids are responsible for making fruit and veg look incredible and vibrant – telling our minds they are good for us. Very good indeed.

What are Flavonoids good for?

So they make strawberries look as if I want to stuff as many into my mouth as possible without choking. What are they doing for my body and well being?!

Well, as it turns out they seem to be doing quite a lot. Working alongside terpenes in assisting the endocannabinoid system (ECS) via a whole plant extract, they combine to create the entourage effect.

This bodily system is vital to well being and staying on top of your A game. We feel it is as essential as air, food, and water.

what are flavonoids five a day
Five a day is vital but is it the five a day you practice right now?

The most powerful Flavonoids?

We think among the most powerfully therapeutic flavonoids seem to be found in peppers. They are also the most studied, the flavonoids in peppers seem to hold incredible anti-oxidant properties.

This is why so many experts label foods with flavonoids ‘superfoods‘.  Antioxidants, one of them being vitamin C, reduce the amount of harmful and damaging oxidizing components of oxygen.

We need to breathe so the best option clearly is ingesting anti-oxidizing flavonoids!

what are flavonoids good for
Get your daily Flavonoids from hemp extracts & fresh fruits, vegetables. Feed your ECS

Most common Flavonoid groups…

There are several types of flavonoids and they are categorised into different groups. Below is a list of these and where they can be found.

For the individual therapeutic effects of these flavonoids google them exactly as they appear!

Flavones: luteolin and apigenin are a part of this group. Sources of flavones are hot peppers, celery, parsley, various herbs and some forms of cannabis. Flavones are antioxidant and seem to delay drug metabolization.

Flavonones: Hesperetin, eriodictyol & naringenin. Flavonones are abundant in citrus fruits. Associated with cardiovascular health, relaxation, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.

Anthocyanidins: Peoidin, malvidin, pelargondin, and cyanidin. Sources of anthocyanidins – blue & red berries, plums, red wine, red & purple grapes. Anthocyanidins are linked to maintaining a healthy circulation, antioxidant effects.


A subgroup including daidzein, glycitein, and genistein. Isoflavones are highly concentrated in soybeans and soy products, as well as legumes. They are phytoestrogens, meaning that they are chemicals that act like the hormone estrogen. Studies are in the infancy stage so do your own research. Isoflavones can act as antioxidants but sometimes also as oxidants. This is why their effects are still a little unclear.

Flavonols: Another subgroup of flavonoids including kaempferol & quercetin. Found in some hemp varieties onions, leeks, Brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli, tea, berries, beans & apples. Quercetin is an antihistamine associated with helping to relieve hay fever and hives. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Kaempferol & other flavonols are linked with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities.

Flavanols: Three types of flavanols have been classified – polymers, monomers (more widely known as catechins) & dimers. Flavanols can be found in teas, cocoa, grapes, apples, berries, fava beans & red wine. Some breeds of cannabis and hemp have also been known to contain some flavonols. Cechins are common in green and white teas, while dimers, which are linked with lower cholesterol, are found in black tea. Scientists suspect catechins might be useful in aiding chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. Catechins are also associated with cardiovascular and neurological health.

table of what are flavonoids
Flavonoids are awesome but they are many and varied. get to know your Flavonoids!

You know Flavonoids

Heard of Terpenes?!

There are also compounds found in hemp and nature known as Terpenes.

Also of interest on the same topic and just as compelling, the Endocannabinoid system and the Entourage effect.

You can find flavonoids and terpenes in many products on the CBD market today. Some products such as CBD isolate may contain terpenes but they tend to be added after the oil is made. Check out our guide on picking the best CBD oil.

If you want the full entourage effect and the full potency and power of a real CBD oil.

You need a whole plant extract with everything that comes from the plant, not just the cannabinoids…