What is CBD Oil

What is CBD Oil

What is CBD Oil? Here at CanaXen, we are often asked this question. Pour yourself a brew and learn away!what is cbd oil

What is CBD oil – The early days

What is CBD oil origins? Way back in the late 1800’s/ early 1900’s cannabis and hemp were a staple remedy in countries all over the world. Found in tinctures and ointments, these concoctions were highly valued and highly effective.

In the 1930’s a man named William Randolf Hearst, paper mill and newspaper mogul, changed everything. WRH saw the hemp paper production factories as major competitors to his empire of wood-based paper. He set about a campaign of misinformation and scare tactic propaganda to shut down this fledgling industry.

Since then the cannabis/hemp plant has been demonised with huge success for several decades. Thankfully we appear to be leaving this phase and entering a new age. This is a good time to be alive, the benefits that CBD oil can offer will revolutionise the way people look after their Endocannabinoid system forever.

what is cbd oil reefer madness
WRH and his fear propaganda worked incredibly well

What is CBD oil becoming popular again for?

In November 2011 our company founder started to learn about the incredible and yet seemingly unknown compound. THC was notoriously famous but CBD was a real unknown to nearly everyone. When he started to ask people what is CBD oil, our founder was laughed at even by family when he explained what it was and what it could do.

The key to any great idea? Keep that unshakeable faith in what you believe to be right and true no matter who tries to tell you otherwise.

The effects he had seen in various willing, sometimes unknowing subjects. friends and family, he realised these amazing properties were sown into the very fabric of nature and the physics of the universe.

He knew that no scientist, no doctor, no politician could hold this incredible compound back. Once the truth got out.

Since then, thanks mainly to US stories such as Charlotte’s Web CBD has grown in popularity and usage exponentially. Those who once laughed, suddenly found themselves asking ‘so, what is CBD oil again?’

What is CBD oil good for?

In the UK CBD companies are not allowed to discuss what is CBD oil good for in a Medical sense. To do so would mean the MHRA must class said product as a medicine and remove it from sale until it is proven which takes years.

This is simply not an option for our valued customers who rely on us month after month.  Although we know we have some of the best CBD products this side of the moon, we must let you do your own research on this matter.

One thing we can do, however, is tell you what CBD does for a major human system in the body known as the ECS. The endocannabinoid system is a rather recent discovery yet it is a vital part of staying healthy for longer.

The ECS is responsible for homeostasis, maintaining a healthy immune system, helping to prevent premature aging and assisting the fight against age-related diseases.

What is CBD oil mixed with?

What is CBD oil mixed with is a rather broad question and also a good one. Many CBD oils that you will find on the market are CBD isolate mixed with anything from olive oil to hemp seed oil.

Some of you reading this will know how foul these mixers can actually taste, especially the hemp seed oils. The main issue with CBD isolate is the loss of the entourage effect, this alone can render a CBD oil up to 30% less effective against a proper whole plant extracted CBD oil. Incredibly dark in color these oils will contain all of the incredible compounds, plant phenols, terpenes, flavonoids and goodness from the raw hemp plant.

Isolate mixes simply will not. Some will add terpenes after the oil has been mixed but we feel that is almost industrialising what we have come to think of as an art.

At CanaXen we have, over the years used many mixers. From olive oil to Siberian pine nut oil – you name it we have tried it. In all of those tests, for us there is nothing better than MCT oil. MCT oil is used by bodybuilders for slow release energy so has the added benefit of a low-calorie energy source!

what is cbd oil infographic


What is the CBD oil Extraction process?

Again asking what is CBD oil extraction process the answers are many and varied. It is important to know though, some solvents used to extract CBD oil can leave behind toxic residues and compounds.

We do not wish to alarm you because some of these processes are no longer in use but they used to be staples of the industry.

Methods such as Isopropyl alcohol extraction or butane gas extraction can be dangerous for the end user and the person extracting. Beside being explosive in the right situation, they can also leave behind trace elements that one would not be happy ingesting.

The cleanest and safest method of extraction is CO2 and cold/warm extraction. The CO2 method simply uses carbon dioxide gas at certain temperatures and pressures to relieve the plant of its oils and treasures. It does this without leaving behind any trace of toxins or by-products as CO2 simply boils off into the atmosphere at room temperatures.

Basically dry Ice this process is fascinating to watch and is used by Canaxen in all of its CBD products. Before the CO2 process, we use medium and low temperatures over the course of 1 month. We do this to get all of the plants’ terpenes, flavonoids, plant phenols, omega 3 perfectly intact in our oils. CO2 is great for extracting cannabinoids but almost useless for all the other great parts of the incredible hemp plant!

what is cbd extracted with
The canaXen laboratory and one of our CO2 extraction units

What is CBD oil Extracted from?

UK CBD oil manufacturers such as CanaXen who make their oils here in England are bound by certain laws. All CBD products must be derived from a traceable and licensed source of hemp sourced within the EU. At CanaXen we use premium hemp from the EU which meets these strict criteria yet is high in CBD content. These rules apply to everyone in the UK CBD industry.

But there are many companies who do not follow the CTA and MHRA code. These companies can be found usually on Amazon or eBay and in many cases will not even contain CBD. That is the main reason the CTA formed – to prevent such misleading & dangerous oils from getting into your body. Use a tried and trusted company who has years of knowledge and experience.

Why start at the bottom and work your way up? Start at the very top – CanaXen CBD.

What is the best way to use CBD oil?

Click the image below to read our ultimate guide on how to use CBD oil!

what is cbd oil methods

What is CBD oil – to conclude

This exciting new area of science is not yet on the syllabus for medical professionals. As far as we know! This will change quickly over the coming months rather than years. As medical cannabis becomes available to residents of the UK. For the first time since the 1920’s. 

It is an exciting time to be alive for sure. Without cannabinoids, your daily routine it could be seriously lacking.

Could it be you are missing out on something our ancestors will take for granted in the future?

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