What is the Entourage Effect?

What is the Entourage Effect?

It has become somewhat of a buzz phrase in many circles, but what is the entourage effect and what does it do?

what is the entourage effect?

So, what is the Entourage Effect?

Forget thirty heavily set, mean-looking bodyguards accompanying a famous rapper to an award ceremony. What is the entourage effect we are referring to?

It encompasses CBD and hemp oil and the concept of using the entire plant in their preparation. So what is the entourage effect when used to describe the effects of CBD oil?

The entourage effect is simply using all of the components of the adult cannabis and hemp plant. This is in comparison to using isolated cannabinoids separate from the rest of the plant.

There are 80 different compounds that account for the many benefits of hemp and cannabis. From terpenes to CBG, essential oils and fatty acids, everything the plant can offer adds to its power.

what is the entourage effect bodyguard
Nope. Not the kind of Entourage we had in mind…

Who are the Entourage Effects main skeptics?

Typically in the CBD global marketplace, you will find two kinds of CBD oil. CBD isolate and whole plant extract.

CBD Isolate tends to be a lot lighter in colour from completely clear to dark yellow. Whole plant extracted oils will always look very dark. A similar concept to ‘orange juice with bits in’

You will hear many different arguments regarding the subject of which oil is best. Many experts say whole plant extracts are vital to propagate the most noticeable benefits from your oil.

You will find those offering CBD isolate products are the biggest adversaries to this ideology. Always do your own research but there is some serious credence to this concept and we will show you.

For a heads up on the various different kinds of CBD oils and what to expect from them, view our guide.

what is the entourage effect raw materials
Starting ingredients are vitally important when choosing your CBD products

What is the Entourage Effect doing for the body?

‘Orange Juice with bits in’

We use this term quite often but I will go you one further. Many experts say that eating a whole orange is far better for you than drinking orange juice.

A lot of the beneficial parts of the fruit such as the terpenes are found in the outer skin. Nutrients & flavonoids can be found in the juice and absorbed into the skin of the segments.

Not many folks would argue against a whole orange being more beneficial. Strange then to find skeptics to this concept when it comes to CBD oil…

So what is the entourage effect doing? It is commonly considered to be an ECS modulator. It does this by increasing a receptors affinity to enhance anandamide activity or by reducing enzymatic anandamide breakdown.

Anandamide is the bodies own cannabinoid. We produce this internally to regulate and protect many vital systems throughout the body.

what is the entourage effect and anandamide
The bodies own ‘Endocannabinoid’ – Anandamide

The Entourage Effect – with their powers combined…

A great example of what is the entourage effect good for. The fact that CBD can reduce the negative effects commonly associated with THC. This is when used together the user can feel a dramatic reduction in any anxiety or psychosis that THC may bring to the party.

In medical cannabis oil preparations for very ill individuals. You will typically find a ratio of 50/50 – CBD to THC. With their powers combined CBD and THC work alongside everything else in the plant to create one of mother natures most powerful elixirs.

It has been noted also that THC and CBD do not work against each other. They supercharge each other’s ability to work wonders on the bodies endocannbinoid system.

what is the endocannabinoid system combined
When of all its powers are combined CBD oil can become a far more powerful companion…

What is the Entourage Effect story?

Back in 1998, the phrase entered the world’s dictionaries thanks to S. Ben-Shabat. He proposed the concept of what is the entourage effect doing for the human body.

He saw after many observations that the whole plant extracted preparations were far more effective than cannabinoids on their own.

Back then the term referred to the compounds present in cannabis. They were found to work in concert to create “the sum of all the parts that leads to the magic or power of cannabis”

What is the Entourage Effect Evolution?

Many people in the USA are starting to tailor their CBD or cannabis oil products. Selecting the best combination of hemp components, terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.

So what is the entourage effect final evolution – designer preparations for specific needs? What is the entourage effect and its components benefits?

You can actually target specific bodily issues. We see it as the correct pieces to the endocannabinoid system ‘puzzle’.

This exciting new area of hemp science will revolutionise the way we look after ourselves forever.

what is the entourage effect combination
Every part of the puzzle is needed for the full effect in CBD products

Best place to get the Entourage Effect?

Of course, we do not want to give CBD isolate oils too much of a bad press. They are certainly good for staying on top of your fitness when you are in your 20’s and fit already.

However, after 7 years of CBD oil experience. After helping many hundreds of customers over that time. We know what works and what works best.

CanaXen have refined the art of CBD oils and their method of cold/warm & CO2 extraction. To ensure our products include every last molecule of goodness.

Also check out the Cannabis Trades Association Website for more amazing CBD oil companies and look out for that telltale dark colour!

Making the best selection for the Entourage Effect

These properties are hyper-concentrated into all of our products. Take our RAW HEMP, for example, juiced raw hemp flower into vegetable glycerin.

There can be the equivalent of up to 20 hemp plants concentrated into just 10ml of our incredible tasting starter oil.

In many CBD isolate mixes you can find added terpenes but for us it has to be natural and has to be whole plant.

So what is the entourage effect doing in all of our products? It is making them some of the best CBD products in the entire world.

That’s what…

It must be noted whilst our products are whole plant extract, our products do not contain THC. As it is a medically controlled substance in the UK!