Our History

Canaxen’s history dates back to the Autumn of 2011.

At that point in the industry’s history there were almost no CBD vendors in the UK. Just a little website offering CBD vapes, oils and tinctures called Medivape started by Canaxen’s majority shareholder.

The year 2011 does not seem long ago. Considering how far the CBD industry has travelled since our founding shareholder began extracting and producing CBD products, we feel we have a lot of experience behind us. 

Meanwhile when our history began, over in the United Sates of America some CBD extracts were available though they were expensive in price and unobtainable to the regular working person.


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In the UK Medivape strove to offer affordable CBD oils to the general public.

We achieved that goal by finding a unique source of CBD derived from European Union legal hemp grown in Germany.

In 2013 a globally well known cannabis activist by the name of Jeff Ditchfield got our first oils tested via HPLC in Canada, making our oil the first laboratory tested CBD product in the UK.

As we have striven to achieve perfection, we opened a new laboratory  in the UK.  We continue to source organic CBD hemp in Europe and turn it into Canaxen CBD oils that we are proud of.

To protect our brand and ensure quality control, we only sell our products directly, which is why you will not find Canaxen on any re-seller websites. 


We only employ whole plant extraction techniques to ensure Canaxen’s CBD Oils are packed full of Terpenes and Flavonoids and remain one of the very few CBD manufacturers to use this technique. It is imperative to our company that our customers get the full health benefits from our CBD Oils.


See How Canaxen Make CBD       Visit our CBD Shop Lab Tests


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CanaXen CBD Oil

UK Manufacturers of high quality CBD oils, CBD Vape and Hemp Extracts since 2011.

Address: Lynton House, 7-12 Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9BQ

Landline: (020) 3289-1755

Contact us: ask@box5719.temp.domains


020 3289 1755